What can you learn from alchemy today?

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Nothing. Alchemy was abandoned because it didn't work. Some of the things that did work became chemistry. No one successfully turned lead into gold. Nor did anyone successfully create the philosopher's stone. Alchemy was basically chemistry with a lot of magic thrown into it. The alchemists were sorcerer want to be's. They attempted to conjure spirits, and use spells on chemicals that they believed contained magical properties, all in a vain attempt to convert base metals into something of greater value. Even Isaac Newton, probably the greatest scientific mind of the last 500 years, accomplished nothing in alchemy, even though he experimented with it for decades.
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What is alchemy?

Alchemy was a quasi-science that centered on the inherent powers of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. The idea was that varying combinations of these 4 basic common materials would provide one the makings of any element in existence. Alchemy was first utilized in Khem, the ancient name (MORE)

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How do you do alchemy?

Alchemy is an ancient term which included all manner of things we would consider strange today. However the most important sciences to develop from alchemy was chemistry. So if you are doing chemistry you are doing alchemy. Alchemy was abandoned because it didn't work. Some of the things that did wo (MORE)

Does Alchemy Exist?

If you mean "was there a proto-science called alchemy, that later developed into the science of chemistry" ... then yes. If you mean "did people studying alchemy make some valid discoveries that improved our understanding of the physical world" ... also yes. If you mean "do things like universal s (MORE)

How do you learn Alchemy?

You will see that physical alchemy is indeed real, and the famous chemists like Newton were actually very familiar with alchemy.

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When was alchemy popular?

Alchemy has been popular for more than 2,500 years though it's use has declined since the invention of modern chemistry during the 18th century.

Is alchemy dangerous?

Well... if you know how to do it, I guess not, but otherwise, I would guess it would be dangerous in the hands of someone who had just finished watching one episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. But you could try! Just be very, very careful!

How do you do real alchemy?

One of the most simple, safe, and easy-to-do demonstrations of real alchemy is an experament with freezing water molecules. To do this, different bottles of water are given different names, and are subject to having those words written on or arround the container. The words or symbols must have eit (MORE)

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How do you start learning alchemy?

Its often difficult to find a starting point since alchemy is such an ancient art but if you do deside to dig a little deeper i would try reading "The Alchemist's Kitchen" by Guy Oglivy

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When and where was alchemy?

The earliest forms of alchemy may have been around for well over 2,500 years and is still practiced today whether in the classical term alchemy or in the fields it gave birth to or influenced which include: chemistry, medicine, philosophical and/or spiritual discipline, metallurgy, physics, astrolog (MORE)

How has alchemy influenced us today?

It has given birth to modern chemistry and has contributed to astrology, mysticism, art, spiritualism, physics, metallurgy, medicine, and semiotics.

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How can you do alchemy?

Alchemy was abandoned because it didn't work. Some of the things that did work became chemistry. No one successfully turned lead into gold. Nor did anyone successfully create the philosopher's stone. Alchemy was basically chemistry with a lot of magic thrown into it. The alchemists were sorcerer wan (MORE)

Is it possible to do alchemy?

Of course it is. Whether you can get it to work, and exactly what 'work' means, is another matter. It is obvious that, unless one has a clear idea of the objective, and at least some scientific application of methodology (and, even for many of the greatest Alchemists, this required the dedicated wor (MORE)

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What is the deffiniton of alchemy?

alchemy- the coversion of matter based on the Law of Equivelent Exchange that stats in order to obtain something an equal price must be paid. . if you have more questions you can contact me at faceupwithdeath@gmail .com or my youtube account which is: lickylickyist thnxs ^^

Is alchemy still practiced today?

No. Alchemy was abandoned because it didn't work. Some of the things that did work became chemistry. No one successfully turned lead into gold. Nor did anyone successfully create the philosopher's stone. Alchemy was basically chemistry with a lot of magic thrown into it. The alchemists were sorcerer (MORE)

What can you make on alchemy?


What was alchemy renamed to?

The science once known as alchemy has for the most part evolved in to modern chemistry. Both share the same word etymology, but there are some major differences between the two sciences, and both emphasize upon these differences. However, alchemy is a science that is seldom practiced in the modern e (MORE)

How do you do alchemy with metal?

Capitalist posterity has popularized the notion of alchemy as having been the attempt by medieval dopes to transmute base metals such as lead and copper into silver and gold. But the original esoteric study of alchemy involved the idea of spiritual transformation and examined the interrelationships (MORE)

What is Alchemy Classic?

It's a game from Jenya games. In the related links box below, I posted the website to download the game.

Is alchemy hard?

The better the potion the more the XP, unlike some other perks, so try to stick to just big money potions. When i used Alchemy on one of my playthroughs i had like 4 or 5 potions and remembered the ingredients, then only bought them exact ingredients. Its a lot of ingredients to remember but write i (MORE)

What is alchemist and alchemy?

THE SCIENTIST TRYING TO CONVERT CHEAPER METALS. into precious metals is called alchemists and the branches of chemistry is called alchemy .

Is alchemy still being used today?

Alchemy was never " used " for the transmutation of base metals into gold, but there might be other things that alchemists did which are still being used today. Though I would assume that chemistry has fully supplanted alchemy.

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What is about alchemy?

Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition whose early practitioners' claims to profound powers were known from antiquity. Several definitions of alchemy exist. Originally, alchemy was an ancient tradition of sacred chemistry used to discern the spiritual and temporal nature of reality, its s (MORE)

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