What caused Earth to tilt on its axis?

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What caused this obliquity (axial tilt) is still not clearly understood - and probably never will be.

During the early periods of the Earths formation, slight differences in the distribution of matter may well have caused irregularities in the balance of the planet, but this is unlikely to have caused such a large tilt.

The most likely explanation, is that early in the formation of the Earth, it was struck by a rogue planet - called Theia. (About the size of Mars). It struck, at an angle of about 45 degrees, (Debris from this collision made the Moon). This collision would almost certainly have pushed its obliquity (axial tilt) away from almost near vertical.

We only have to look at Mercury and Venus to see that their tilt is almost near to vertical,

It also seems, that the Moon also keeps the Earths tilt fairly constant. Without the Moon, the tilt would alter quite considerably over time.

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Why is the tilt of Earth on its axis important?

it is important because if it was not tilted there would not beseasons see the earths axis faces the same way all the time eachside of the earth (north pole and south pole) are tilted differentways at the same time on toward the sun causing the death of manychildren and one away from the sun causing (MORE)

Is earth tilted on its axis?

Tilted as compared to what? The only comparison that actually makes any difference is that the Earth's axis of rotation is "tilted" at about 23.5 degrees compared to the ecliptic, which is the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. This "axial tilt" causes the seasons.

Why does the Earth tilt on it's axis?

We can't say with absolute certainty what caused Earth to become tilted on its axis, the most accepted theory is that it's a result of a tremendous impact on Earth of a Mars-sized object not long after the solar system formed. Additionally, it's thought that the great amount of debris from this impa (MORE)

Why does earth tilt on its axis?

In part because the Earth isn't perfectly symmetrical- it is ever so slightly off balance, so as it spins it tries to wobble. We actually wobble significantly less that you would expect from the shape of the Earth thanks to the gravity from the moon acting as a constant force in resistance to change (MORE)

Why the axis of earth is tilted?

We do not know why the axis of the Earth's rotation is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees (approximately) to the plane of the Earth's orbit. But there is no particular reason why the Earth ought to be spinning in some other direction. Perhaps it has something to do with the massive impact that sc (MORE)

Does the tilt of the earths axis causes the change of temperature?

Does the tilt of the earths axis CAUSE the change of temperature? Not directly, but there are several factors that link together, so that the Earth's axial tilt is related to the change in temperature as a "trailing indicator". The Earth rotates constantly on its axis like a gyroscope does. Comp (MORE)

Does earth tilt on its axis?

"Tilt on its axis" really doesn't mean anything. The Earth's axis of rotation is not "straight up and down" compared to the plane of its orbit around the sun. The axis makes an angle of about 66.5 degrees with the orbital plane, and the equator makes an angle of about 23.5 degrees with that plane. (MORE)

How is the earth axis tilted when its fall?

If you live north of the equator, at the beginning of summer, the north pole is tilted towards the Sun, at the beginning of winter, the north pole is tilted away from the Sun. At the beginning of spring and fall, the axis is in an intermediate position.\n\n. Actually the position of the axis doesn' (MORE)

Tilt of axis identical to earth?

There are no other known planets whose axial tilt is EXACTLY the same as Earth, at 23.44 degrees. However, Mars' axial tilt at 25.2 degrees and Saturn's at 26.7 degrees are both pretty close.

The Earth is tilted on its axis?

Yes, the axis of the Earth is at an angle to the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun) of about about 23,5°.

Is the earth axis tilted or straight?

The Earth's axis is tilted at about 26 o causing seasons. ________________________ "Tilted" or "straight" depend on what your plane of reference is. The Earth orbits around the Sun in a plane called the "ecliptic". The other planets in the solar system are in orbits that aren't exactly the same p (MORE)

Why does the earth have a tilted axis?

Current theory is that Earth is tilted vs the vertical due to impact(s) during its formation. This tilt is pretty much in lockstep with its translation movement around the sun, so the tilt, which causes the seasons to occur, repeats the position of earth every 12 months.

How does earths tilt on its axis cause seasons to change in different parts of the world?

The Earths tilt is at a 23.5 degree's. As the Earth orbits the sun the 23.5 degree changes which angle the sunlight that hits earth. At the equator light does not spread very far and concentrated in the small area while the poles have the same amount of light hitting them but is spreads over a great (MORE)

What hit the earth that caused it to tilt on its axis?

Lots and lots of small bodies aggregated to form the Earth from many different angles; all of them contributed to the tilt. It didn't form with its rotational axis perpendicular to its plane of revolution and then one hit tilted it. So ultimately, the answer is "all the bodies that formed it." -- (MORE)

What causes the tilt on axis?

For the Earth, there are many theories, but the one that is accepted is that millions of years ago a meteorite hit the earth at an angle, causing it to tilt. It is also possible that the moon was formed by the debris that shot out of the earth when the meteorite hit it.

Why the tilt of the earth on its axis cause summer?

Because the tilt means that the respective hemisphere is lit by the Sun more vertically at some times and these times will therefore be summer, and when the Earth tilts away from the Sun we have winter in that hemisphere. So summer in the northern hemisphere is winter in the southern.

Why does the axis tilt cause summer?

Earth's tilt causes seasons based on what direction its facing the sun. The tilt allows Earth to have different seasons in different places in the world. If Earth didn't have its tilt each place would only have one season all year long.

Why is earths axis tilted?

Because it is. There isn't a special fundamental reason it's tilted in exactly the way it is. The reason it's tilted at all is that various impacts during the accretion process were not precisely symmetrical.

What is meant by the tilt of the earths axis?

That's a great question, and a very important one, because it's so widely mis-understood. Imagine a gigantic dinner plate ... I mean really gigantic ... with the sun in the center of the plate. The earth is orbiting the sun. One of the facts about a gravitational orbit is that every point of (MORE)

Which way does the earth tilt on its axis?

The Earth tilts about 23° (the axis tilt with respect to the plane of the Earth orbit). The tilt is sych that in June the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and in December the northern hemisphere is away from the sun. (The Earth is actually closes to the Sun aroound January 3rd- so (MORE)

Why aren't you tilted from earths axis?

But I AM ! The earth's axis is a straight line between the north and south poles, through the middle of the earth. Since I live in Chicago, the line straight down from the top of my head is tilted about 48 degrees from the axis when I'm awake, and about 42 degrees from it when I'm asleep. I (MORE)

Do you need the earths axis to be tilted?

No, it's just how it was formed. But if you untilted it now a lot of Earth's properties would change. For example, there would be no change in daylength throughout the year. This might affect things like the migration of birds. You would also have no seasons. At each latitude, the climate would be (MORE)

Did the earthquake in Chile cause the earth axis to be tilted?

What? No...the earths axis has been tilted for hundreds of millions if not billions of years. If your question is: Did the earthquake in Chile cause a variation in the tilt of the earth's axis? Then the answer is yes, very slightly, but noticeable.

What is the difference of the earths tilt and the earths axis?

The axis is the imaginary line running through the north and south poles that our planet revolves around. Earth's tilt refers to the fact that the planet does not sit perfectly straight in relation to the solar plane but rather tilts slightly to one side.

What does the earths axis tilt cause in regards to earths changing seasons?

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How do you now the earths axis is tilted?

i know the earth axis is tilted because some part of the world get sun and the other part does not one part is night an the other is day because the are tilted to the sun so its warm

Is earths rotation and tilts on its axis cause your season?

Yes the earths axis cases the earths its seasons. The tilt determines how much the content is exposed. The higher you will be exposed to less sun which causes it to be cold. Also which the bottom more closer you are to the bottom its cold. There is a imaginary line that splits the earth into two (MORE)

How do the earth tilted axis causes the seasons?

Well it moves around the sun so the tilted side would on one side would get winter because they would be away from the sun, and the tilted side facing the sun would get summer, don't know how we get spring and autumn sorry.

How does the tilt of the earth's axis and earths movement's cause season's?

It's not so easy to explain in words as with a diagram, but I'll try. If the Earth's axis was perpendicular to the plane in which the planet orbits the Sun, we would have night and day of equal lengths all year round. However, as it is tilted with respect to that plane, as the Earth orbits the Sun (MORE)

What happens when the earth tilts its axis?

\n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 \n \n \n\n The Earth's axis rotates (precesses) in a\ncircular shape and the period of \n\n precession is about 26,000 years. Therefore, the\nNorth Celestial Pole will not \n\n always point to (MORE)

How was the tilt of the earths axis measured?

All you have to do is keep track of the sun's positions in the sky during the year. If you pay close attention and keep some records, you notice that the days on which the sun's highest positions at mid-day are farthest north and farthest south are always near June 21 and December 21. (The (MORE)

What means the tilt of the earths axis?

In astronomy, axial tilt, also known as obliquity, is the anglebetween an object's rotational axis and its orbital axis, or,equivalently, the angle between its equatorial plane and orbitalplane. It differs from orbital inclination.