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What caused all the fatalities of the Berlin Airlift?

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Largely airplane accidents caused by operator error or marginal weather, overloading, etc. radar traffic-controlwas in its infancy and then under development. as far as known no planes were lost to flak fire in the Berlin Air Lift. anexcellent film on the operaiton was called the Big Lift starring one Paul Douglas, not related to the aircraft manufacturer, whose producrts wee certianly used in the lift.
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What was the Berlin Airlift?

Answer       The relief provided by air by America, Britain and France to West Berlin when it was blockaded by Stalin's Soviet Union in 1948-49. It lasted for ab

What caused the Berlin Airlift?

Stalin closed all roads, railways and canals leading to Berlin. This meant that the people of West Berlin would starve: therefore, the USA, France and Britain flew in supplies

Why did flour dust cause problems for the airplanes in the Berlin Airlift?

When flour dust mixes with air in just the right quantities it can become a very explosive mixture. In fact, even today flour is classified as a hazardous material. In a sha

What was the significance of the Berlin airlift?

The significance of the Berlin Airlift was that it showed the Soviet Union that the western Allies would not abandon the citizens of West Berlin and were prepared to go to ext

What people were involved in the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Airlift was the US program to remain influential in West Berlin, Germany in response to the Soviet embargo - blocking incoming goods from West Germany to West Berli

How many died in the Berlin Airlift?

  A total of 101 fatalities were recorded as a result of the operation, including 39 Britons and 31 Americans, mostly due to crashes. Seventeen American and eight British

Berlin airlift definition?

  A 327-day operation in which the U.S. and Britain planes flew food and supplies into West Berlin after sonets blockaded the city.

What one cause of the Berlin Airlift?

mac and cheese   One of the causes of the Berlin Airlift was because the USSR decided to cut off all rail traffic towards Berlin. CHEESEEEEEEE   One of the causes of the

What was the significance of the Berlin blockade and the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Blockade escalated the Cold War by showing that the Soviet Union did not want Germany to be a independent, unified country. Because West Berliners were cut off from