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HIV infection occurs when a person is exposed to infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Unprotected sex and sharing of injection drug using equipment are some of the most common risk behaviors that lead to infection
There are three ways that HIV is caused.One is by sexual contact.Two by sharing needles.Three when you are pregnant with a baby you are going to pass it to your baby.
I believe no one really knows so far - or at least no one I would know of. There are obviously many presuppositions, none of it scientifically proven
One of the causes for HIV is that you're born with it, but that's very uncommon. The common cause is that you've had sex with somebody and that person has the HIV virus.
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What causes HIV and aids?

AIDS/HIV can either be transmitted through sexual contact, or through transmittance of blood. As in, sharing needles, or becoming blood brothers.
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What is HIV cause of or what causes hiv?

HIV is a virus that can only be transmitted in a few ways: by blood, through unprotected sex (vaginal secretions and semen), through breast milk, and through intravenous drug (MORE)

What causes HIV outbreaks?

An infected person who engages in unprotected sexual activity, and/or intravenous drug use with shared needles.
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What causes HIV to evolve so rapidly?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has a relatively simple structure: a compactsequence of genetic code composed of RNA molecules (ribonucleic acid), accompanied by a (MORE)