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What causes a fetus to die inside the mother's womb?

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A stillbirth occurs when a fetus has died in the uterus (mother's womb).

Problems with the placenta:
The placenta is tissue inside the uterus. It gives the fetus oxygen and nutrients. The placenta can separate from the wall of the uterus. This is called placental abruption. Another problem that may occur is that the placenta does not grow normally. These problems can prevent the fetus from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to live.

Genetic diseases: Abnormal genes in a fetus can cause stillbirth.

Infection: Stillbirth can be caused by infection in the mother, the fetus, or the placenta. Infection can occur when bacteria travel from the vagina up to the uterus. Infections that may cause stillbirth include E. coli, rubella, chickenpox, parvovirus, and syphilis.

Problems with the umbilical cord: This cord connects the fetus with the placenta. The cord can become knotted, tangled, or wrapped around the neck of the fetus. Umbilical cord problems can prevent oxygen and nutrients from reaching the fetus, causing stillbirth.

Fetomaternal hemorrhage: During pregnancy, a small amount of blood may go from the fetus to the mother's bloodstream. In some cases, the fetus loses too much blood. This may occur with placental abruption. It may also occur with trauma to the mother's abdomen, such as being hit in the stomach. Fetal blood loss can cause fetal anemia (lack of red blood cells). Anemia can cause lack of oxygen, blood clotting problems, and stillbirth.
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