What causes an obd2 codes p0401 and p0300 on a 2001 Honda Passport if you already clean up the egr valve and passage how you can fix it?

you can find a good answer in this site: http://www.obd-codes.com/trouble codes/generic/p0401-insufficient-exhaust-gas-recirculation-flow-egr.php EGR First off Your Honda is really an Isuzu Rodeo, but you already knew that. These have the GM electronic egr. if you have the 3.2 motor. The only way to fix it is to replace the egr valve.
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Service engine light on - code p0401 - EGR Sensor - 1999 Sable - Taurus - could be a build up of carbon Can you clean them or must they be replaced?

You can try cleaning it, but in general, most people have found that it needs to be replaced. Although it is probably too late for this particular user, I recently searched (MORE)

How do you fix GM error code P0401 on a 1997 acura TL without buying a EGR valve?

I was looking up the same thing and came across these answers:hope it helps...   "very well be that the egr valve is coverd in carbon. The carbon is easy to clean with a w (MORE)

How do you fix the EGR valve associated with a check engine light error code P0401 on a 1999 Acura 3.2 TL?

It's not the valve. I've never worked on an acura. but it's not the valve. they rarely short out. check the passages, and the vacum pump. hopefully someone with acura experien (MORE)
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How to fix error code P0401 on Honda Passport 2001?

EGR System, insufficient flow detected, maybe bad sensor?   Your sensor is more than likely fine. It is probably the air intake to the EGR located in the throttle body. Tak (MORE)

What do you do if your 2000 Dodge Stratus V6 is still getting code P0401-insufficient flow after the EGR valve was checked and carbon cleared?

Answer   You should just replace your EGR valve. There is a component within the valve that cannot be cleaned (the piston). If it sticks for just one instant it will thro (MORE)

What is the cause of a P1401 obdII code in a 98 mercury sable durotec 24 valve after egr replacement and valve cleaning if the hose from the valve to the vacuum is clean?

It is the c-shaped port between your throttle body and air intake manifold. Remove the throttle body, buy some throttle body cleaner, and scrape it out (it is on the face of t (MORE)
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