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What causes bigger vajinas?

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Natural childbirth can tear the vagina. If the tears are not properly repaired the vagina can lose tightness. It is unusual for modern childbirth techniques to result in a loose vagina.
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Why the name of female sex organ was named vajina?

the female sex organ was called the vagina because the name vagina is from latin which means "sheath scabbard" which is a peice of wood that is split in half apperently some w

Existe alguna crema para reducir el tamano de la vajina?

  en el mercado público en Belem, estado de Pará, las indias del amazonas venden un yuyo con el que se hace una infusión, que se usa para hacer "duchas vaginales" que p

Can bloating cause your stomach to get bigger?

The definition of bloating- Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. So i would say yes. That's exactly what bloating is. but

How deep is your vajina 14 years old?

stick your finger in there which is usually 3 inches long and if it doesn't go all the way in then your VAGINA isn't very deep.- cw of chatham va.

What experience causes bigger to look with disgust at his family's tenement room?

i think it had to do with the fact that he lived in the Dalton's home, which is nice, and that made him realize he lived in a tenement (a run-down apartment house barely meeti
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What causes a protein to migrate on SDS-page in such a way that it appears to be a protein that is much bigger?

SDS-PAGE normally binds to proteins at a ratio of 1.4 grams of SDS  for every gram of protein. Hydrophobic proteins, however, have an  particularly difficult time binding to