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What causes bigger vajinas?

Natural childbirth can tear the vagina. If the tears are not properly repaired the vagina can lose tightness. It is unusual for modern childbirth techniques to result in a loose vagina.
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Are stars bigger or the moon bigger?

Stars are much much bigger than the moon. They only appear to be smaller because they are so far away as compared to the moon. ---------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Exercises at Home for a Bigger Butt

Getting a bigger butt at home means finding workouts that target your backside. Isolation is instrumental, since you aren't using any weights to develop your rear end. Follow (MORE)

Effective Lower-body Exercises to Give You a Bigger Butt

The glutes are substantial muscles in the posterior chain of your legs. A bigger butt is the target of many lower-body exercises for men and women. The most effective lower-bo (MORE)

Fun Exercises for Ladies With Bigger Buttocks

Are you a lady who has a big butt? If you're looking for an exercise for bigger buttocks, you're in luck. There are dozens of exercises to help you shrink your derriere and fi (MORE)

The Best Exercises for a Bigger Butt

When you want to develop a voluptuous behind, you need to do exercises that focus on building your buttocks muscles. Whether you are rebuilding atrophied muscle or trying to b (MORE)
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Design Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger & Vibrant

When it comes to decorating small spaces, there is nothing that can stop you from making your house look bigger and feel spacious. And if you are a tenant, living in those sma (MORE)

6 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Office Space Feel Tons Bigger

An effective way to make your desk feel bigger is to add layers and height to your area. Create storage spaces above and below the surface of the desk by adding shelves, and (MORE)

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What experience causes bigger to look with disgust at his family's tenement room?

i think it had to do with the fact that he lived in the Dalton's home, which is nice, and that made him realize he lived in a tenement (a run-down apartment house barely meeti (MORE)

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1 ovary is bigger than the other.Can it cause conception problems?

  My guess is probably not. My mother has a syst on one of her ovaries, which enabled that ovary to not function. But she was PERFECTLY fine in conceiving 2 children. YOU (MORE)

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Will working out everyday cause you to get bigger first before losing weight?

In order to really gain muscle size from weight training, you have to eat in excess of your maintenance calories, and lift heavy. Your genetics also play a role in how much mu (MORE)

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What causes a protein to migrate on SDS-page in such a way that it appears to be a protein that is much bigger?

SDS-PAGE normally binds to proteins at a ratio of 1.4 grams of SDS  for every gram of protein. Hydrophobic proteins, however, have an  particularly difficult time binding to (MORE)