What causes food to decay?

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Food will decay if bacteria or fungi is on the food because fungi and bacteria are living organisms so they eat at the flesh of the food which cause the fungi to spread or cause the bacteria to multiply which eventually will cause the food to eventually be 100% decomposed.
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What food causes tooth decay?

sugary food. junk food. sticky food. check out the article in related links. Sugary and high in caffeine drinks, for instance, soda(coca cola) --->+acidic ones

What causes food decay?

Bacterial activity. Any un-preserved or uncooked foods are vulnerable to food decay. Bacteria find the food, release enzymes on to the food and then digest the enzymes.tak

Why does food decay?

\nFood decays and rots due to the growth of organisms that develop over time. These organisms feed on the food item, causing it to decay and become unfit for human consumption

What causes decay?

decay is caused when detritvores break up dead animals or plants and increase the surface area. microorgasims then complete the process of decay.

What is food decay?

Its when Microbes(bacteria and fungi) grow on food causing it to decay and rot.They will multiply while on the food.

How do foods decay?

Microbes grow on and in food causing it to decay or rot. Microbes will increase in numbers as they destroy the food. They are almost everywhere and on almost everything you ca
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Can dry cat food decay causing a cat to get sick?

Of course. Imagine yourself eating a piece of stale food or something. Cats shouldn't - by rights - eat decying food unless they are starving. Dry food goes stale quickly - no
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Why does decaying food smell bad?

It doesn't necessarily smell bad. To a fly, it smells great! To most animals, humans included, it smells bad because it would make us very ill if we ate it. Therefore, nature
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What is a food decay?

When food decides it doesn't like you anymore, so it goes bad.