What causes fuel to burn fast in car?

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With a Hydro Assist Fuel Cell system installed in your car or truck, you'll get at least 50% more mileage while you extend your engine's life and reduce pollution!

Also you'll be among the first to be invited to upgrade to our future Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter, expected to deliver over 100 mpg, even in your SUV! Get on the list to be updated when it's ready by requesting a free PICC quote: here. Get your HAFC installed now in Lakeland Florida for $640. Buy now and get your HAFC for only $1200 making the total cost with installation only $1840 and the results are guaranteed. You'll get 50% or greater highway mileage gain or you'll pay nothing. It's a No Risk program, plus you can even opt to get the kit and installation financed for up to a year. Again - if the HAFC can't be made to produce a 50% or greater mileage gain in your gas powered car or truck, the installation and removal are free! We expect that we'll be successful getting the mileage gain on 95% of the cars we do. If you're getting 20 mpg now, then you'll get 30mpg or more with our HAFC installed. If you're getting 30 mpg now, then you're going to get at least 45 mpg guaranteed. Testimonial
Jon Martin installed a HAFC in his 2001 Ford E250 5.4 Liter Van and his mileage increased from 14 to 24 mpg. He's getting a 71% increase in fuel economy. To talk to Jon about this his number is (267) 374-0420 Get this money saving solution now!

Return on Investment:

The more you drive the faster your HAFC pays for itself. You'll be converting more of your fuel to power at your wheels, while you benefit from the reduced pollution and a cleaner engine for longer engine life. To find out how much you'll save every year with a HAFC installed, divide your present yearly gas cost by three. With a Hydro Assist Fuel Cell System you'll get

Significantly Increased Gas Mileage
The burnable hydrogen gives you higher octane fuel.

A Cleaner Engine
Hydrogen causes your fuel to burn more completely thus reducing waste and and cleaning up existing carbon deposits.

More Horsepower and Better Performance
A cleaner engine runs smoother and more efficiently. You'll enjoy more horsepower and torque as the system cleans accumulated carbon deposits from your engine.

A Cleaner Environment
Using less gasoline per mile, means not only less waste, it means less pollution. Will it affect my car's warranty?
The Magnuson-Moss warranty act, says that an after market product does not void a manufacturer's warranty unless the manufacturer can prove that the product did the damage to the part in question. Since the HAFC system only causes fuel to be burned with better efficiency, you'll have a cleaner engine so components should last longer.
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Can the fuel injector cause a car to die?

Yes, This sounds exactly like what my 97 geo metro was doing. I replaced the fuel filter(thinking that was the problem, obviously it wasn't). Then I finally took it to someone who knew what they were doing and told me it was the fuel injector. I changed that and I haven't had a problem since. Sounds (MORE)

What causes a burning smell from a car heater?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Could be many things. Can't say exactly what. But, here are a few things I would check. \nDo you have trees in the area you park your car? If so, you could have leaves pine needle or other dibree in you heater vent that could have caught fire from your heater motor. I actuall (MORE)

Can a fuel mixture problem cause a car to smoke The car has good compression new plugs and wires. The smoke is not steam or burning oil.?

Answer . What color is the smoke? If it's black, it's probably receiving too much fuel. If it's grey or blue, it's probably oil related. If the engine isn't using oil, check to see if it has a vacuum modulator on the transmission. If it does, pull the vacuum line to make sure it's clean. If the (MORE)

What causes a car fuel pump to fail?

the largest cause of fuel pump failure is caused by the tank being run low, espesially in the winter. the pump has been installed inside the gas tank, in part, to try to keep the pump cool. when a car has been driven on a low tank, the pump will tend to get a little warm, then pumping cold gas on to (MORE)

What cause tires to burn up to fast?

A wheel alinement might be in order. You might have a worn bushing(s).I would take your vehicel into a place for a free inspection(sears does real good). I have not been ripped off from sears,and i have enjoyed their comforting knowledge on the work they preform. I am a former car /truck mechanic.

Can a fuel filter cause the car to stall?

It could , but it would have to be almost plugged totally , to restrict the fuel flow that it was starving the engine . You could very well have another problem , but fuel filters can get very dirty and restrict fuel flow.

What will be the cause of to much fuel going in to the car?

The injector controls on newer cars generally prevent this from happening, but it still can. Usually, it floods the engine preventing the fuel from being properly vaporized that inhibits spark and prevents the engine from firing or running. The same is true for older cars with a carburetor rather th (MORE)

How do you show that hybrid cars are an alternative to fuel burning cars?

You can't get somebodies attention by showing them a graph. I would recommend pointing out... . How much money is being sent overseas. . How adjustments need to be made before we run out of oil. . How alternatives like EV's and hybrids can be just as economical, and in some cases more comfortabl (MORE)

What burns the fuel in cars?

The sparks plugs fire and ignite the fuel in a Gasoline engine, and compression compresses the fuel until it ignites in a Diesel engine.

Why does your car keep burn gas so fast?

Low fuel mileage can be caused by several things. Check thecomputer codes for a sensor problem. Make sure that the vehicle isproperly tuned up and the fuel filter is not clogged.

When did cars stop burning leaded fuel?

in the UK, leaded fuel was banned in the year 2000, it was replaced for a limited time by LRP(lead replacement petrol) but nowhere in the UK has any of these pumps in their stations anymore. Other countries would have banned leaded fuel a different times

What makes cars burn a lot of fuel?

There are a lot of things that you can do to reduce fuel consumption in your car, brake in plenty of time- do not brake harshly at the last second. Do not start aggressively, do not over rev the engine, try to build up speed when going downhill, because accelerating uphill burns more fuel and obviou (MORE)

How do cars burn fossil fuels?

Burning fossil fuel takes free oxygen from the air. In a car, air,which includes free oxygen, comes into the engine through an airfilter and the air is then mixed with fuel and sent to the engine.The fuel-air mixture is ignited, gets hot, its pressure rises andthis drives down a piston that drives t (MORE)

What burns more fuel cars of trucks?

Trucks are larger heavy, and more powerful. They take more fuel. . Using the formula Force = Mass x Acceleration , You know that with more to get the same Acceleration (speed) with more Mass, you need way more Force (which is made by fuel b (MORE)

What causes low fuel pressure in car?

first thing i would look at is fuel filter,probably half plugged, then it would be fuel pump. . check it by putting a fuel pressure guage on the fuel rail and monitor pressure,hopefully your car has a fuel rail monitoring port.

What causes a burning smell from a car engine?

Many things can cause a burning smell under the hood of your car, if the smell is accompanied by smoke you are most likely looking at a fluid leak dripping onto something hot and burning off. If it smells sweet this would be a sign of a coolant leak. A ozone type smell would most likely be caused by (MORE)

Is global dimming caused by burning fuels?

Global dimming is caused (in theory) by the contrails of planes flying at high altitudes. It is primarily a fools errand to chase this logic. Albedo is a desired issued according to most and this is such a small amount of added albedo to our planet. It is basically alarmist foolishness.

How do burning fossil fuels cause global warming?

Fossil fuels are generally mixtures of Carbon based compounds. When these compounds undergo a Stoichiometric combustion process, this yields CO 2 and water H 2 O. CO 2 is a greenhouse gas that enhances the greenhouse effect by trapping additional radiation and thereby warming the atmosphere. (MORE)

What causes a car to idle high and fast?

vacuum leak or accelerator cable and or linkage sticking. **ALSO...the electronic choke. When the engine has warmed up enough, there should be 12V on the wire leading to the choke from the small relay located on the left fender wall on the late 70s and early 80s. It may be hidden inside a b (MORE)

What are 3 problems burning fossil fuels cause?

Global Warming- when fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide, which floats up into the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas builds up over time and creates global warming. Air pollution- Burning fossil fuels also cause air pollution. Smoke can cause smog and acid rain. To add to this, (MORE)

What causes a car to act starved for fuel?

This will be quite a list. These things one would find low pressure when checking with a gauge; fuel pump going out ( not pumping high enough pressure ), fuel pump relay or fuse failure ( no gas reaches injectors ), clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pressure regulator, inoperative pressure relief valve (MORE)

What is the gas which causes acid rain when fossil fuels are burned?

Acid rain will usually contain one or two types of acid formed from gasses that occur in the atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions and man burning sulphur containing fossil fuels (eg coal) will put Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) into the atmosphere. SO2 will react with water droplets in the air to produce dilu (MORE)

Is methane cause by the inefficient burning of fossil fuels?

No, it is not. You might possibly be thinking of carbon monoxide? Answer: Methane is generally created by the decomposition of organic materials under anaerobic conditions. Methane from gas wells and oil wells is aproduct of decomposition of organic materials but may also result from the comb (MORE)

What causes a fuel pump to go out in a car?

Partially clogged fuel filter will cause the pump to work hard an overheat. Age will also cause it to fail. It is an electrical component and they will last only so long. Eventually they will fail.

Is the sun caused by burning fossil fuels?

The energy of the sun results from atomic fusion of hydrogen into helium. Before nuclear fusion was understood (until the year 1939) the source of the sun's energy was not known. At that time it was thought that the sun was a huge ball of burning coal (where it got the oxygen to burn was not too cl (MORE)

What causes a car to lack fuel?

If it lacks fuel then someone didn't put any in the tank. If it lacks fuel pressure then it could be a bad pump, fuel filter stopped up or a bad fuel pump relay.

What are the problems caused by burning fuels?

Burning fuels causes atmospheric pollution and produces very poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in very large amounts. These gases lead to acid rain and they can also contribute to global warming. Burning coal is very dangerous. When it was a common household (MORE)

What happens if you burn jet fuel in a car ingine?

You'd crank the car, the spark plugs would fire, and then...nothing. Many people think jet fuel is comparable to a high octanegasoline. This is not true - it's comparable to #1 diesel fuel, soit would essentially be more the same as putting diesel fuel orkerosene into your car. The spark plugs would (MORE)

What would cause a car engine not to burn fuel properly?

Poor air/fuel mixture, due to clogged/faulty injector/ bad mass-air,O2 sensor/(fuel pressure-very important on DI engines).. Poor spark- due to fouled/old spark plugs, bad ignition wires/coil.. Poor compression psi, or carbon buildup..

Why does my car burn gas so fast?

Don't know what vehicle you have or how much is too fast but if it is using more fuel than it has in the past, it may be time for a tune up.