What causes hot water to stink with city water?

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Has it been 6 years sense you checked your anode rod. If it is deteriorated this can cause
an odor. If the tank is old, this can also cause an odor.

Read your manual oh how to check your anode rod, or go online to the MFG website and read it, also look in the troubleshooting section for odor. There could be a answer for cleaning your tank.
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What is causing air in the hot water line?

Normally dissolved oxygen . Hot water causes thermal expansion which leads to this issue and can easily be fixed by installing an expansion tank. (which is code in many areas

What causes no hot water?

No main flame, bad thermocouple, power outage, valve shut off , bad heating element, tank aqua stat set to low, tank does not have enough volume, sediment build up inside the

How can hot water cause pollution?

Hot water can be pollution because if somebody dumps hot water into a body of water, the hot water can kill organisms living there.. Answer: . Hot water (thermal pollution)

What causes a hot water heater to stop heating the water?

There are a number of causes as to why a hot water heater would stop heating the water. It could be due to a fault in the circuit breaker or a problem with the element, limit

What causes intermittent hot water supply?

Now that's definitely a puzzler. I've never come across that before, I'd start by cleaning or throwing out all the aerators. Then clean out the H/W tank: - You first turn OF

What causes cloudy hot water?

Saturated (dissolved) air in the water comes out of solution when the water is heated by the boiler sometimes. If it clears from the bottom up, it because of this- it's lots o

What caused your gas hot water heater to leak water?

1- Tank rusted out 2- Ambient temperature has lots of humility and when hitting the cold meter of the tank it drips 3- T&P discharging 4- galvanic corrosion as some

Why does your hot water from the sink stinks?

That implies your water supply has a certain amount of dissolved Hydrogen Sulfide in it. This is common, not harmful, but truly disgusting. There are ways to stop it - talk to

What causes the pressure in the hot water heater?

The water enters in a cold state & is a certain physical volume. Once heated the water expands slightly within its container (the heater) & therefore applies pressure within t