What causes hot water to stink with city water?

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Has it been 6 years sense you checked your anode rod. If it is deteriorated this can cause
an odor. If the tank is old, this can also cause an odor.

Read your manual oh how to check your anode rod, or go online to the MFG website and read it, also look in the troubleshooting section for odor. There could be a answer for cleaning your tank.
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What causes knocking in drain pipes when hot water drains?

Answer . materials tend to expand when they get hot, and that is true for sewer pipe material as well. Whether it's cast iron or ABS, the pipes will try to expand when they get hot and when they try to get longer they'll slide across wood or other materials. The "knocking" noise is the pipe fitt (MORE)

What is causing air in the hot water line?

Normally dissolved oxygen . Hot water causes thermal expansion which leads to this issue and can easily be fixed by installing an expansion tank. (which is code in many areas) Also if your hot water heater is "turned" up to high or malfunctioning the water can boil and cause condensation within the (MORE)

What causes no hot water?

No main flame, bad thermocouple, power outage, valve shut off , bad heating element, tank aqua stat set to low, tank does not have enough volume, sediment build up inside the tank ,electrodes encased with mineral deposits, no return circulation, T&P keeps relieving thus wasting H/W, electrolytic act (MORE)

How can hot water cause pollution?

Hot water can be pollution because if somebody dumps hot water into a body of water, the hot water can kill organisms living there.. Answer: . Hot water (thermal pollution) impacts the receiving water in several ways the alter the environment and ecosystem:. A sudden burst of hot water can kill (MORE)

What causes hot water tank to tick?

A hot water tank will tick when the temperature of the water isreached and it is starting to cool down. The ticking is because themetal of the tank is warm on the inside and a little cooler on theoutside.

What causes a hot water heater to stop heating the water?

There are a number of causes as to why a hot water heater would stop heating the water. It could be due to a fault in the circuit breaker or a problem with the element, limit switch or thermostat. Unless you know what you are doing, you should contact a qualified plumber or electrician to rectify th (MORE)

What causes a hot water heater element to short out?

if an element is constantly expanding and contracting (if you keep switching the hot water heater off and on again) all the time it causes cracks and over time the water leaks into the element causing it to short which means you have to replace it.

What causes hot water in a bottle to fog up?

If you take hot water and put it in a bottle some of the water will vaporize into the air and then due to the colder environment around the bottle condense against the bottle walls leaving the "fog" effect on the edges. What your actually seeing is tiny water droplets on the side of the bottle.

What causes intermittent hot water supply?

Now that's definitely a puzzler. I've never come across that before, I'd start by cleaning or throwing out all the aerators. Then clean out the H/W tank: - You first turn OFF the power to tank, then attach a hose pipe to the bottom fitting, lead it outside or to any drain, turn on the valve by it, (MORE)

Could rusty hot water cause you to get sick?

Rust in water can come from either deteriorating pipes or water with a high iron content, but if the water smells OK it is probably safe. Rust itself is not toxic for bathing, although drinking it could lead to too much iron in the body and possible liver damage.

What causes discolored hot water tank?

when you get water in through the pipes in your home from either a well or city water, that water is seldom pure water. Most of the time you have all kinds of disolved minerals and other chemicals floating along in the water that comes into your home or office. When a Hot water tank works, it boils (MORE)

Why steam causes more burn than hot water?

It is not really more. Steam is the gas form of water, and thus hotter than the liquid form. 100 0 C (at 1au at sea level) is the boiling point of water. 40 0 C water will not burn you, but 99 0 C will. Steam at 101 0 C will burn you, but steam at 500 0 C would burn worse. So your answer is steam is (MORE)

What causes plug on water heater to get very hot?

There is a lot of power going through it. However, it should not get VERY hot and if it does there may be a bad connection in the plug causing a spark - get it checked out by a qualified electrician.

What is causing my gas hot water heater to shut off?

Thermocouple is most likely the problem but it also can be wind and draft which blows out the pilot light and very rare it can be you have a air pocket in your line or sometimes condensation can drip on the pilot. If you have a flame when starting the pilot light as you are pushing down on a non for (MORE)

Should there be water in the stink pipe?

stink pipe? any fixture connected to any drain line in your home should be sealed off from any sewer smell from a trap, and yes if you have a trap it should have water in it. If its a floor drain that isn't used much I recommend you pour a little bit of vegetable oil down it after you pour water and (MORE)

What causes cloudy hot water?

Saturated (dissolved) air in the water comes out of solution when the water is heated by the boiler sometimes. If it clears from the bottom up, it because of this- it's lots of tiny bubbles. If it clears from the top down, then it is some kind of particle matter.

What caused your gas hot water heater to leak water?

1- Tank rusted out 2- Ambient temperature has lots of humility and when hitting the cold meter of the tank it drips 3- T&P discharging 4- galvanic corrosion as someone did not install a dielectric fitting to prevent electrolytic action

Why does your hot water from the sink stinks?

That implies your water supply has a certain amount of dissolved Hydrogen Sulfide in it. This is common, not harmful, but truly disgusting. There are ways to stop it - talk to a professional plumber.

What cause banging noise in bathroom when hot water faucet?

This "knocking" sound probably means the pipe is hitting against something (like a wall). Possibly a clamp that holds tight the pipe is loose and the pressure is moving the pipe against something. It is possible to place a wooden wedge in the problem area so the pipe does not "bang" or "knock", or g (MORE)

Does swamp water stink?

Swamp water doesn't stink, per se. Swamps usually have an earthy smell, like a mixture of dirt and grass clippings. Because the environment is so moist, algae and fungus thrive in swamps.

Can a leaking hot water heater cause mold in a house?

Yes. There are factors like how long has it been leaking? is the water pooling and warm?has the water gotten into any wooden baseboard or drywall. Water moisture alone can can condensate on surfaces making them perfect habitats for mold. The repair to the leak will be far less expensive than mold re (MORE)

Can spraying water on a hot windshield cause it to crack?

In my experience, yes it can. If the screen is iced up, spraying water that has a large temperature difference can cause rapid expansion in the glass causing it to crack or even shatter. An iced windscreen will be at about 0 degrees. Water from an outside hose will be about 4 degrees. This doesn't s (MORE)

What causes the pressure in the hot water heater?

The water enters in a cold state & is a certain physical volume. Once heated the water expands slightly within its container (the heater) & therefore applies pressure within the heater or more to the point against the wall of the heater.

What would cause hot water heater to trip breaker?

A short somewhere in the system. Most likely the top heating element shorted out and caused the breaker to trip. The top element seems to go bad quicker for some reason. At least that has been my experience.

What do you think causes the difference in the hotness or coldness of the water?

according to me the hotness or coldness trapped by water is due to his poor conducting nature of trapping or losing heat as water is a poor conductor of heat. Also when the water is cold the molecules vibrate at less speed but when the water is hot the molecules vibrate at more speed than cold wate (MORE)

In terms of particles how evaporation causes hot water to cool?

For a molecule of water to change from a liquid to a gas requiresit absorb heat, called the heat of vaporization. Evaporation is theconversion from a liquid (water) to a gas (water vapor), so eachmolecule that evaporates takes the heat of vaporization with itmaking the remaining water cooler.