What causes low oxygen levels?

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Lack of oxygen causes low levels of oxygen.
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How can you fix low oxygen levels?

The immediate response is to remove affected individuals to fresh air and introduce freh air to the low oxygen areas On along term basis improved ventillation and oxygen sen

Do estuaries have a low oxygen level?

Estuaries are marine environments whose Ph , salinity , and water levels vary, depending on the river that feeds the estuary and the ocean from which it derives its salinity

What causes low oxygen levels in the blood?

Oxygen you inhale passes from the air sacs in your lungs into tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the air sac walls. From there it enters your bloodstream and is distributed t

Is 96 low for oxygen levels?

If it is your oxygen level how old are you? and IRS ok its not perfect but you should be fine if it doesn't go back up to 100 go see your doctor.