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What causes the cold water pipes in your house to make a constant banging sound it seems to be coming from the main water valve in the front of the house?

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Most of the time its caused by lose pipe supports and no expansion tank or air chamber. Most fast closing solenoid valves will be the start of the problem. Copper pipes are usually the loudest and if you can see your pipes just shake them and use extra supports and it should go away, or add air chambers to all of your solenoid valves like dishwashers, fridges, washer machines etc.
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What needs to be repaired when you have hot water getting into the cold water faucets of your house and is this caused by a failed shower mixing valve or just a failed gasket in the shower valve?

It depends on the valve, who makes it and what model is it? you have a cross connection in the water system ( I don't think it is the value, most of the time it is on your was

Can you use PVC pipe for the main water line to a house?

    Answer       I have worked in many jurisdictions that allowed PVC water service piping, but you need to check with the administrative authority that

What could be the problem if you hear a loud noise coming from the water pipes in your house?

    This is most likely to be water hammer. The most likely reason is because a pipe has not been held down properly with a pipe clamp. It normally happens when a toil

How do you replace a main water shutoff valve in your house?

  Really you should not do this yourself unless you are relatively experienced and have the proper tools. Shut off the water at the meter. Drain the pressure from the syst

What causes a high pitched whistling sound to come from the water pipes near the water heater and and pressure valve when a tap is turned on?

  Air causes the whistling noise. I'm currently on a quest to eliminate the problem in my house (just had new water heater installed about a month ago, sounds like a choir

Your cold water in your house works fine but your hot water won't come on?

water heater problem, call a plumber. simply calling the plumber wont help, the plumber will ask these qustions, so be prepared before calling. Is the water temp coming ou

Why do water pipes in the house make noise?

air gets in the pipes.   If air gets "into the pipes" How come water doesn't come out of the same opening that allowed the air to enter?The main way air goes into the water