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What causes white foam on the surface of a swimming pool?

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White Foam Answer I have found that the use of so-called waterproof sunblock lotions cause a white sludgy foamy texture on the surface of my pool. I was using 45 SPF No-Ad WaterProof Lotion and it came right off - even after applying 45 minutes before. I switched to Banana Boat 35 SPF waterproof and sweat-proof and the white stuff disappeared. That could be one solution. Good luck. And possibly overuse of a certain type of algaecide.
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Does being in a swimming pool cause a diuretic?

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What causes swimming pool water to turn green when it is shocked?

If your pool water turns green after it is shocked with chlorine, it is too basic. Algae can thrive there now and it is green. Add pool acid (it may require several gallons) a

How do you get foam out of a pool?

To remove foam from a pool, purchase a defoamer from a pool supply company. It is helpful to know the size of your pool in gallons in order to determine the proper dose. Then,

What would cause you to be sick after swimming in a salt water pool?

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How do you determine surface area of a free form swimming pool?

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eliminate the possible answers that don't fit first. It is not air in the water since other faucets in the house or the previous faucets have this behavior. It is not an aerat