What ceiling tile is good in wet areas?

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Fine Fissured Ceramaguard RH100
Available in 1200x600 x 19 mm square edge only

Key Selection Attributes:
  • RH 100 available in 1200x600 mm only
  • Totally inorganic product
  • Resistant to the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria
  • 30-Year Limited System Warranty
  • Resistant to chemical fumes
  • Non-directional visual reduces installation time & scrap

Typical Applications:
  • Laboratories
  • Locker rooms/shower rooms/Hydrotherapy rooms
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Food preparation areas
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What can I do about my basement ceiling that became wet after my toilet leaked into my basement?

Answer . Possibly, you should cut a hole into the ceiling and let the remaining water out. If it all dries out (use fans or other ventilation), then you just need to repair the hole. Use kilz under the paint to cover the marks caused by the leakage. If the water was not clean, it might be bes (MORE)

Should a shower curtain be placed at ceiling height or at tile height if tile does not extend up to ceiling?

The purpose of a shower curtain is to contain water - keeping it off the floor and the wall, especially if it is not covered in a waterproof surface material. One important factor in hanging the curtain is the height of the people showering. A tall person whose head is closer to the shower head wi (MORE)

Is it good to seal tile and grout?

Yes.... But if the tile is glazed and/or the grout is epoxy (unlikely unless in a commercial building) these do NOT need to be sealed (neither will absorb water so they won't accept the sealer). The rule of thumb is to put a few drops of water on the tile and the grout, if it soaks in within 30 seco (MORE)

How do you get rid of Armstrong ceiling tile odors?

We installed a drop cieling last spring. No problems then the humid weather came. Now a nasty smell has arisen which I determined was the ceiling tiles. Have you found anything more on this? I noticed noone has answered this question. Had the same problem, called the company they said I should have (MORE)

Is ceramic tile supposed to be wet when I cut it?

Answer . Ceramic tile should be cut with a wet saw, or with a tile scoring tool. It is not necessary to wet the tile in either case, as the wet saw will cool the blade and the scoring tool has no blade to cool.

Are ceiling fans a good idea?

Ceiling fans are a good idea because they help to circulate air. Inthe summer they can be adjusted to circulate the room air down. Inthe winter they can be adjusted to circulate the room air up.

Why is my tile floor wet when using the H2O mop?

have a basmentless home. had tile put in kitchen and dining room. floor always appears damp and slippery. could there be a crack in the base of concrete causing tile to be damp. it is dangerous to even walk on. cannot aford to put rugs in. liz

Why do recording studios often have soft tile ceilings?

Recording Studios often have acoustically absorptive materials on surfaces like the ceilings, walls and floors, to reduce the noise reflections off these surfaces, so that the recorded noises are only those received directly from the source. (Eg. A person talking has their voice recorded via a mic (MORE)

Why use soft tiles for the ceiling of a recording studio?

Soft surfaces may dampen the reflection of sound waves, but soft tiles are not the only way to improve the sound performance of a surface. The shape of the surface, thickness of the material, and material type are all important.

Why are there holes in ceiling tiles?

The more holes in the tile the better the acoustic properties of the tile. If the tile has lots of holes it will absorb sound better and prevent reverberation within the room. if the tile is smooth it will not absorb the sound and it will bounce back and cause an echo.

How can you find tile area?

Multiply the length by the width. To find the minimum number of tiles to cover an area, divide thetotal area by the area of one tile. (This is straightforward when tiles are 1 foot square.)

How do you install Ceiling Tiles?

Installing ceiling tiles requires a few simple tools. Specifically wire cutters, yard stick, a level, an exacto knife and ceiling tile brackets. The wires are suspended from joists and then the brackets are leveled to a predetermined height. The wires are spaced by using the yard stick measurements (MORE)

How do you cut ceiling tile?

Depending on the style of ceiling tile, use a razor knife or carving knife.. Also use a straight edge.. Depending on the style of ceiling tile, use a razor knife or carving knife.. Also use a straight edge.

How do you get rid of ceiling tile odor?

I am in a classroom that just replace old moldy ceiling tiles. Now the room has a strong odor, and headaches, coughing and eye iritations are happening. What should we do

Good porcelain tile?

Porcelain is far superior to Ceramic & one porcelain is pretty much as good as another, it's really just non clear GLASS. Ffind one that is at least .250 thick, have it installed by someone that knows their trade & the worry about the look & color you want & don't be concerned with the quality, it w (MORE)

Where can you buy tin ceiling tiles in New York City?

Mason Scott Industries located at 103 E Ames Court, Plainview NY 11803 stocks all tin ceiling patterns and cornices. \nWww.masonscottind.com \n877-242-4846 (4TIN) \nGreat products, excellent service and close to nyc

What is a good ceiling fan store in the Boston area?

Savio Lighting comes recommended on the basis of online reviews, though there may be additional local stores not listed in an online directory that fit your needs. Stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's, while not focused on ceiling fans, offer the resources of a large store and the expertise of a div (MORE)

Does it cover roof the leaks and wet the ceil in home?

It just depends on why you have a roof leak. If your roof was damaged by a covered peril such as fire lightning etc. Then your Homeowners insurance would cover the damage. If your roof is old and worn out, it just needs to be replaced and would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Roof (MORE)

Are tivoli tiles a good tile?

Make sure your tile patterns and colors are correct when you pick out the boxes of Tivoli tile. We just opened the last box in our project and there is a factory error in the pattern. Of course, the tile is now discontinued, so we are stuck with a whole box of bad tile.

How would you install commercial 2X4 ceiling tile to a dry wall ceiling?

Sheet rock screws. Alternative: If you have a hole in your ceiling and want to fix it you use a piece of wood to hold a piece of Sheetrock which you will finish with plaster or joint compound. You would cut a piece of wood more narrow than the hole and longer than the hole. Put the wood in (MORE)

How would one use a wet tile saw in construction?

A wet tile saw can be used in construction as a table saw, as a shredding saw or any type of regular saw. However the wet tile saw is specifically built for the use of water incorporated in the saw machine.

What are the advantages of using tin ceiling tiles?

They provide better protection from hazards environment conditions. They are also cheap and easy to maintain. For these reasons one find the use of these tiles in socio-economically disadvantage areas.

Where can a person buy drop ceiling tiles?

Drop ceiling tiles can be purchased at any home improvement store. These include stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Rona. The benefit to these tiles over other tiles is that they help to reduce sound and have a better insulating capability.

Where can one purchase ceiling tiles from Armstrong?

The easiest way to purchase ceiling tiles is to go to Armstrong's website and purchase them straight from a mobile phone or computer. Go to the website and view the ceiling tiles that they have for sale to see what matches what is desired.

Where can one purchase suspended ceiling tiles in the Chicago area?

The company Armstrong World Industries Inc. is a global leader inthe design and manufacture of floors and ceilings. There are alsoseveral home depots in Chicago that sell Armstrong ceiling tiles atan affordable price. Good examples are the Crafty Beaver HomeCenter and the Century Tile Supply Company (MORE)

How to paint Armstrong ceiling tile?

There are many websites and resources that offer information on painting Armstrong ceiling tiles. The website WikiHow offers information how-to and YouTube offers videos for it.

Where can one find cheap tin ceiling tile?

One can find cheap tin ceiling tile at several home improvement stores. The Home Depot and Lowes offers these tiles in their stores and will even install it for their customers.

How many 2x4 ceiling tiles do you need in a 15x30 room?

57-60 ceiling tiles measuring 2'x4 would cover a 15'x30' ceiling. For the least amount of trimming, place 4 tiles at 4' (trimming 1') for a total of 15'. For the 30' side, it would take 15 tiles at 2' each for a total of 30'. 4 tiles wide x 15 tiles long = a total of 60 tiles. To use the minimu (MORE)

How do you cut a ceiling tile?

The answer depends on the type of tile. To cut acoustical tile, use a ruler or steel tape and a utility knife to mark your cut, the go back and forth down the cut line going deeper each time. Finish the cut off by turning the tile over and starting at the top edge, go down the back side once.