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What cell in the body doesn't have a nucleus when it is mature?

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Red Blood Cells (erythrocytes) don't have nuclie when they are mature, the same thing applies to platelets (thrombocytes).  ^correct red blood cells are full of hemoglobin wich caries oxygen   First answer is spot-on.
Corralaries: 1. You can't clone a human being from a red blood cell. (Even if we knew how to clone human beings :) )2. You can't do genetic test that depend on the genome using a red blood cell. (You can do genetic test based on microsomal RNA since the microsomes are intact and weren't part of the cell's nucleus to begin with.)
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What does the nucleus do in your body in the cell?

The nucleus controls the cell. It is like the brain of the cell. Another way to put it is that the nucleus is like the control panel of the cells in your entire body. If that

Why don't mature red blood cells have a nucleus?

  I am a student, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that red blood cells do not contain nuclei because it is not necessary to their function.

What cells of the body doesn't have a nucleus?

Red Blood Cells lack a nucleus. This means they cannot divide. They must be constantly manufactured in the bone marrow to replace those that die.
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What is the cell that doesn't have a nucleus?

You are probably thinking of the red blood cell, though there are more kinds of cells that don't have nuclei in them or are generally quite different than the typical "cell wi