What chemicals do they use to make the firework's colors pretty?

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They use different ores to make different colors.
  • Bright GREENS are made with barium.
  • Deep REDS are a product of strontium.
  • BLUES come from copper.
  • YELLOWS require sodium.
More colors can be created by mixing compounds:
  • ORANGE is produced by a mixture of strontium and sodium.
  • SILVERY WHITE by a mixture of titanium, zirconium and magnesium alloys.
  • LAVENDER is obtained using a copper and strontium mix.
Special effects are created by yet other mineral products:
  • Iron filings (from the ore mineral hematite) and small particles of charcoal produce GOLD sparks.
  • Bright flashes are created by using fine ground aluminum powder. The use of larger particles, such as small flakes or granules, give a longer, shower-like effect.
  • Magnalium, a magnesium-aluminum alloy, produces a tiny series of silvery-white flashes.
  • Aluminum, antimony sulfide and perchlorate are other flash mixtures that are used
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