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She's a Soc but she Fells for a Greaser.
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What is your cherry?

Its a slang name for your hymen, a membrane that closes the opening to your vagina.

Who is Cherry Valance from The Outsiders?

Sherri (Cherry) Valance is a soc and a dreamer like Pony. She is a cheerleader, recognizes the difference in social groups, but also knows that judging someone by their own actions is better than anything else. She has red hair, white skin, and was Bob's girlfriend, the Soc that originally beat up J (MORE)

What does Cherry Valance look like in The Outsiders?

She is about 16 years old with short red hair. She has green eyes and looks tuff (sharp). She is skinny (because she is a cheerleader). Wrong it clearly says she has LONG red hair (pg 127) "Her long hairwas pinned up". The rest is true though. And also it says she cares a little about Ponyboy, Joh (MORE)

What does Cherry Valance look like?

Cherry Valance has long, red hair, green eyes, and rather pale skin. Just another fact, Her original name in the book was Sherry, but everyone called her Cherry, so she stuck with it.

Why does Cherry Valance say that Ponyboy is different?

She says that because he didn't act mean and rude to her and Marcia at the drive in like Dally. Also, Cherry finds Ponyboy easy to talk to, because she can say things that she actually means, unlike when she is talking to her friends.

What does cherry valance means when she says things are rough all over?

she means that like its not just rough where the greasers are its rough all over even where the rich socs live because even though they have money, money doesnt make people happy cause whenever they have a special event and their parents cant make it there cause of work the greasers parents can caus (MORE)

What is in a cherry?

A pit, in which you don't eat. And when someone said, "A VAGINA!1" I think they meant when someone says that "he popped her cherry", that means that he took her virginity.

What is Cherry Valance like?

Cherry is 16 years old and her hair, like her nickname say, is red. She also has green eyes.she is a soc so she dresses really nice. She is thin and normal hight. Cherry is a sweet sencitive girl who likes dally.she is a soc and she likes to watch sunsets like ponny. Her and pony can talk about th (MORE)

What does Cherry Valance mean when she says Things are rough all over?

When Cherry says that things are rough all over, she means that even though the Socs are supposed to have a 'perfect' life, they don't. She says that they (the Socs) have worries that Greasers haven't heard of, like getting made fun of if they don't fight. She is letting Ponyboy know that nobody's l (MORE)

Why is cherry valance a hero?

I'm not quite sure she was a hero. By the way is this for Mrs Gersten's class? . Cherry treated the greasers like people, not like trash. She was also a go-between for the greasers and the Socs.

Did Cherry Valance die in Red River?

NO, he wound up being very NOBLE in the last fight between Dunston and Matt (Duke and Clift)...his loyalty threw to Matt > Dunston and for me, one of the scenes which makes me cry. A wonderful scene...you should watch the entire movie...was 1st for me of Western Genre' for years, now The Man Who Sho (MORE)

More information about cherry valance from the book?

Cherry Valance is Bobs girlfriend.Her real name is Sherri but her friends call her Cherry because of her red hair.She meets Ponyboy at the drive in.When Bob dies Cherry explains to Ponyboy that he was just misunderstood.Cherry hates fights.

Was there ever a cowboy named Cherry Valance?

Cherry Valance is the name of a cowboy in the 1948 western "RedRiver" which was also re-made in 1988. Actor John Ireland playedthe role in 1948 and Gregory Harrison plays Cherry Valance in the1988 version.

Is cherry valance a main character in The Outsiders?

No, the main character is Ponyboy Curtis. Cherry makes a huge impression on the book's plot though. If they would have never have met her, then Bob and everyone else would have never got in that big fight. Then that fight led into Johnny killing Bob and then it goes on from there.

How does cherry valance show she passionate?

it can be argued that she shows passion by leaving the drive-in with her boyfriend instead of with ponyboy. it avoids a fight between the two males. her passion is to ponyboy.

What kind of girl is cherry valance in the outsiders?

Sherri is a socs in the story so she shouldn't really be hanging around with pony boy johnny dally or two-bit plus she really nice and a bit tough if you mess with her but she hates alcohol because it makes her boyfriend kind of violent sometimes

What is a good description of Cherry Valance?

A good description of Cherry Valance would include items like her long red hair, her bright green eyes, and her soft pink cheeks. She also wore nice clothes and was somewhat thin.