What Chinese inventions did Marco Polo bring back from china?

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He brought back paper, different mechanical devices, paper currency, coal, imperial post, the compass, porcelain, paste,and he brought back food.
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Why did Marco polo explore china?

He went to China with his father a Italian merchant who traded with the China. At the time he was 17 years old and stayed in China for 25 years.

What did Marco polo find in china?

He was 17 and went with his father to China to trade. His father had all ready been there and was trading with them. He was a Venice merchant so he took his son with him on the trip. Polo stayed 25 years before returning to Venice, Italy. He found silks, perfumes, gunpowder, and spices.

Why did Marco polo travel to china?

His father and uncle had met with Kublai Khan in China while Marcowas a child. He loved hearing their stories about that trip and wasdetermined to go himself.

What did Marco polo do in china?

He was his advisor in china....did things for Kublai Khan By contrast, the Mongol empire presented for a brief time in the thirteenth century a model of unity. A loose federation of separate nomadic tribes in most times, the Mongols were a rough, horseback riding, yurt-dwelling barbarian group t (MORE)

Marco Polo china?

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Did Marco Polo find china?

No Marco Polo did not find China. He visited China with his dad and his Uncle and he found many great treasures. He just visited there.

Who sent Marco Polo to china?

He didn't discover or invent anything.He was a 17 year old with his father and uncle who were Venice merchants who wanted to set up trade with China.

Did Marco Polo discover China?

Marco Polo did not discover China, however he did travel to China and brought back fireworks, gunpowder, noodles as well as other things. He traveled there as a Christian Missionary.

Who sent Marco Polo to explore China?

No one sent him to explore. He was 17 years old when he left for China with his merchant father who traded with the Chinese. He stayed in China for 25 years.

Why did marco polo sail to china?

For the most part, Marco Polo did not sail to China. He took theSilk Road. His purpose was to explore and find new avenues oftrade.

Which Invention helped Marco Polo?

As I sat thinking about your question I couldn't come up with an invention that truly helped Polo. It is possible that he used a compass that his father would have brought back from China on one of his trips. After Polo returned to Venice, Italy from his years in China he did write a book and it is (MORE)

What did Marco polo bring back to Europe from Asia?

Polo was the 17 year old son of an Italian merchant who went to China with his father and uncle. It took them 4 years to get there and he stayed 25 before returning to Venice. He wrote a book about his adventures that influenced explorers 200 years later. When he came home he brought back silks, per (MORE)

How did Marco polo get to China?

He sailed the Far East. He sailed from Venice to Constantinople and walked or travelled by camel or caravan the rest of the way along the silk road.Only a very small part of the journey was by ship.

Whathow did Marco polo contribute to china?

He saw a donkey and killed it and then he saw a young fat bull and killed it and then he saw scooby doo and killed him and he gave the dead animals to Kublai Khan and Mario came and Khan killed him.Andrew Kweon Died and everyone was like OINK!

Marco polos impact on China?

He only briefly passed through China and he had no objectives with any of the people he came across. Besides, there was nothing for China to learn from Europe. Europe just barely emerged from the Dark Ages and Marco was one of their first explorers.

Why did Marco polo leave china?

I think Marco polo left china because Kabul khan was dieing and he missed Italy. Marco Polo stayed there for 17 years and traveled from Venice Italy to the Yuan Dynasty in china. Marco, his father, and his uncle first traveled there on foot threw the Gobi Desert. On his way back to Italy he traveled (MORE)

What was Marco polos bring to Italy?

He tried to bring princess Cocochin from China, but he did not get permission from Kublai Khan (the emperror of China at that time). Instead, he travelled with her to Persia, where Khan Arghun, a persian, was waiting for the princess to marry him. When Marco and the princess reached Persia, the got (MORE)

Did Marco polo dicover china?

No. China was civilized way before Marco Polo landed there. He just sailed there to fulfill his promise to the Mongolian king

Who asked Marco polo to take back lies about china?

What?!? This never ever happened in Marco's history. I have read many biographies, and if I say so myself I am an expert in Marco Polo's life. I have written reports about him, presented them and done research on him. -Natalie108

What food did marco polo bring?

There is some disagreement on just what foods Marco Polo broughthome with him when he returned from Asia. The most likely things hebrought were tea and various eastern spices. He is also said tohave brought pasta to Italy.

What if Marco polo had remained in china?

He wrote a book about his 25 years in China and brought back trade goods. Had he not returned the need to get things like gunpowder and spices from China would not have been as great in Europe. He also inspired others to seek routes to Asia.

How did Marco polo discovered China?

he didn't really discover china his father was a merchant and he was in Asia when his father came back to see him he took him back to Asia and that's how he "explored" china

Did Marco polo found china?

No he found an ancient civilization in china which included paper money, hot bath water, paper, silk farms, etc.

Is there proof that Marco polo went to china?

yes ,on the return the journey to Venice the polos traveled through a sea route which carried them to the west coast of India and Marco before reaching Venice wrote things about India ...this prove that Marco indeed went to china.

What did Marco Polo bring back from travels?

Marco is known to have brought back , Chinese paper money , musk oil , a Yaks tail , seeds from the sago palm tree , earth from the tomb of saint Thomas , In his will he left a golden tablet from The great Khan , a woman's jewel encrusted head dress , a belt of sliver of Turkish design , and he free (MORE)

What did Marco Polo invent in China?

He didn't discover or invent anything.He was a 17 year old with his father and uncle who were Venice merchants who wanted to set up trade with China.

What happened to Marco Polo after he returned from China?

Three years after Marco returned to Venice, he commanded a galley in a war against the rival city of Genoa. He was captured during the fight and spent a year in a Genoese prison - where one of his fellow-prisoners was a writer of romances named Rustichello of Pisa. The book ' The Description of th (MORE)

When did Marco Polo go exploring China?

1271-1295. Nowadays , much of the history of Marco Polo is in dispute, and some historians said most of Polo's story is a big confabulation. Well, he went somewhere with his father and uncle for 24 years !We await further developments.

How did Marco Polo arrive to China?

Marco Polo arrived in China, with his father, Niccolo Polo, and his uncle,Maffoe.They traveled on boat. It took them about 20 years for the journey there and back.

Where did Marco Polo bring silk from?

frist he alowed a dragon to ejaculate on a zebra, form there, he then bred a squirrel and a rhino with an elephant. He eventually named this untamable creature, silk1

When did Marco polo go china?

Marco Polo, traveled to China in 1269 for the first time. Hisfather and Uncle had traveled there before and had returned toItaly to meet Marco for the first time when he was 15 there u go hunni bunny :)