What city is 760 miles from louisville KY going to Louisiana?

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Baton Rouge, LA
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How many miles are there from Louisville KY to Caneyville KY?

It is 88.49 miles. This is the route: < ol > Take I-65 SOUTH the Wendell H . Ford Western Kentucky Pkwy WEST to HODGENVILLE and PADUCAH at EXIT 91 .Take the Wendell H. Ford

What is the city Louisville KY known for?

the city of Louisville KY is known for the Kentucky derby at Churchill down and the events leading up to the derby which is called the derby festival it includes the steam boa

What are cities close to Louisville KY?

Here are a few: . Jeffersontown . New Albany . Pleasure Ridge Park . Middletown . Prospect . Sellersburg . Georgetown . Corydon . West Pont . Fairdale . Shepherdsv