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What clairol products are tested on animals and are they showing any signs of stopping animal testing?

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== Answer == I haven't used Clairol products in years and if it doesn't say on the box (read the small print) that it isn't animal tested then simply don't buy the product. Also there is a toll free number on the box and a website address and you should, out of conscience ask them this question and if you aren't getting the answer you want tell them you and your friends will be no longer buying their products. Do something about it! Unless it says on any product that it's not animal tested I don't buy it.
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What animals are products tested on?

There are many, animals used for animal testing. According to PETA,  these animals include mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys, primates, cats,  and dogs. Many other animals are us

Does kerastase hair products test on animals?

Kerastase line of hair products does not test on animals. They have  not tested on animals since 1989. Kerastase is part of L'Oreal.

Does nutrimetics test their products on animals?

No they do not test on animals.  http://www.nutrimetics.com.au/portal/company/testing/    Similarly neither does Avon (www.avon.com) Nor LR Health and Beauty (www.disc

Why animal testing SHOULD stop?

Animals should not be tested for human products. If the product causes an adverse reaction, the animal must suffer through this reaction, for no reason. Plus, animals hair and

Are Ojon hair products tested on animals?

Ojon hair products are not tested on animals. Ojon is opposed to animal testing and actively works to eliminate all animal testing from all industries, not just the cosmetic f

Are merle Norman products tested on animals?

No Merle Norman products are not tested on animals. Refer to the PETA websites list of cosmetic companies that DO NOT test on animals.

Are Joe Malone products tested on animals?

No, Jo Malone cosmetics does not test any products and/or ingredients on animals. They actually try to reduce the amount of animal testing performed by other companies.

Are ferrero products tested on animals?

As of 2012, the Ferrero company has banned animal testing on its  products. With more emphasis being placed on protecting those  animals than cannot protect themselves, many

How do they test animals in animals testing?

Cosmetic companies often use rabbits, whose eyes are similar to the structure of the human eye, to test their perfumes and makeup products to see if they are eye irritants.

Product testing on animals?

Testing on animals has lead tomany good things, such as our knowledge of medicine and operations, such as transplants. These would have all ben tested on animals first.  Howe