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What clairol products are tested on animals and are they showing any signs of stopping animal testing?

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I haven't used Clairol products in years and if it doesn't say on the box (read the small print) that it isn't animal tested then simply don't buy the product. Also there is a toll free number on the box and a website address and you should, out of conscience ask them this question and if you aren't getting the answer you want tell them you and your friends will be no longer buying their products. Do something about it! Unless it says on any product that it's not animal tested I don't buy it.
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Does Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo still test its products on animals?

No   PETA has Clairol listed as a company which doesnt test on animals so I would assume that it is safe. 02/10/08 - I just looked at the PETA website, and Clairol was list

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you have be out of college become a lawyer then force the people who work with to help you change it so it can only be used for hospitlized reasons

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Why stop animal teasing,teasing is not how I would describe this.I would use ABUSED.YOU SHOULD STOP BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T ANIMALS WILL BE ENDANGERED. And if I kicked you or did

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It will depend on the individual product. The two statements you are referencing are "Not tested on animals" and "For animal use". The phrase "not tested on animals" means the

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Will Dove stop testing on animals?

I know that Dove does do animal testing. However, nothing is ever impossible. I believe that with enough protesting and complaints, Dove and many other huge beauty brands will
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Was aveda's products tested on any animals?

The Aveda website says that "Aveda does not conduct animal testing on its products or ask others to do so on our behalf except if required by law, and actively supports the de

Should we be allowed to test product of any kind on animals?

No we should not, it shouldn't even be an option in such a  technologically advanced day and age as today. But, tragically, it  still is.   When a product is tested on a