What clothes did ethiopians wear in 1BC?

ethiopians wear "habesha lebese" that is ethiopians cultural cloth which is made of cotton & "agoza" which is made from animals skin.
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What color clothing do leprechauns wear?

Most often when the character of a leprechaun is seen, they will be wearing the colors green, white, and gold. These colors are also represented on St. Patrick's Day. green, w (MORE)

What is ethiopianism?

ethiopianism   is the feeling of Ethiopian or other people to have the sense of Christianity and being the hero to Ethiopia
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What clothing did the Mayans wear?

Mayan men wore a strip of cloth around their hips and through the legs while women wore long loose dresses up to the ankle. Due to hot climates, these dresses were made of han (MORE)
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Ethiopian Bread is a Tasty and Unique Addition to any Meal

Ethiopian bread, commonly referred to as injera, is very different from the breads that line grocery store shelves in more ways that one. It is made without dairy products, ma (MORE)
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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Coffee is the biggest export for Ethiopians, and Ethiopia produces more coffee than any other country in Africa. The beverage is sacred in the country, and Ethiopians celebrat (MORE)
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Ethiopian Culture and Customs: the Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopians love their coffee. Besides being the country's largest export, when it comes to Ethiopian culture and customs, the coffee ceremony is the most significant and is a (MORE)
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Why do you wear clothing?

There are many reasons for wearing clothing.   People wear clothing to keep warm or to protect them from the  elements.   People wear clothing to cover specific areas (MORE)

Why do people wear fur clothing?

People wear fur clothing because they think it is more fashionable then fake fur and they usually don't care about animals. People wear fur in cold climates because synthetics (MORE)

What clothes did Cleopatra VII wear?

Cleopatra VII more than likely dressed in the Greek ladies chiton for everyday wear. For public and religious ceremonies she dressed as the goddess Isis, as she thought of her (MORE)

What clothes did the colonists wear?

Girls:long dresses and hair bonnets, with frills. Boys: Frilled undershirts, button up sweaters, knee high pants, tights, and buckle shoes. men and women: the same as childr (MORE)

What kinds of clothing did the Iroquois wear?

The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) mainly wore shirts, pants, leggings, robes, boots and capes. The men wore feathers in their hair and wore jewelry all over their bodies. Most of t (MORE)