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French men don't tend to wear cargo pants or shorts. They will wear bermuda length pants or even what we would refer to as "capri" length pants.

They do wear jeans, usually nice jeans. No problem.

To a bistro or restaurant, a nice pair of pants (jeans or otherwise) with a collared shirt is usually what men wear there.
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What clothes do people of France wear?

Highly fashionable! France has always been in the "fashion" industry. Ever since before the colonial era and still is today. Berets, plaid pants, slim clothes, black and white

What type of clothes do people in France wear?

France is a modern country in Europe. You will find the people there dress the same as in any industrialized nation, including the United States, Germany or England. Years ago

What clothe do they wear in France?

Men, depending on the weather wear pants, a shirt and a pullover. Currently popular among men are "pedal pushers." Most women wear pants , but traditionally they wear a skirt

What traditional clothing do they wear in France?

Clothing in France resembles clothing in other Western countries. - Casual clothing: trousers (likely blue-jeans), sneakers, T-shirt, sweater, coat/jacket if necessary. Fits

In France what kinds of clothes do they wear?

Fashions and styles vary by area, but French people would generally rather have a small wardrobe of expensive, high-quality selections rather than the classic American large w

What clothes do girls wear in France?

A casual, everyday outfit for a girl in France would be a pair of jeans, sneakers, a tee-shirt or a shirt with a sweater. Clothing for girls is very flexible and you could cha

What clothes do they have to wear in the tour de france?

Most riders simply wear aerodynamic, wicking, tight-fitting Team  clothing, displaying their sponsors.  Some riders gets to wear single-colored jerseys to show that  "this

What type of clothes France wear?

smart clothing, they don't like to dress casually. The women like to wear a berret and a chequered jacket with a smart skirt and the men like to wear pedal pushers with sandal