What color are fire extinguishers in India?

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normally red, but different fires require different extinguishers which will vary in color.
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What is in a fire extinguisher?

That depends entirely on what type of extinguisher it is. Air pressurized water extinguishers contain compressed air and water, the former forcing out the latter up through

What is a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is a cylindrical metal container which is used to put out fires. It usually contains a foam or vaporizing liquid. The contents are pressurized in order t

What extinguishes a fire?

The "Fire Triangle" indicates that a fire requires fuel, oxygen andheat to continue burning. Removing any one side will cause thereaction to cease. You can: . Remove the sou

How do you extinguish a fire?

Generally speaking, we extinguish a fire by removing air (oxygen) so the fire cannot breathe, we remove fuel that is being burned, or we remove thermal energy from the fire so

What does a fire extinguisher do?

A fire extinguisher puts out a fire by: . cooling the burning material enough that it stops burning, or . excluding oxygen from the burning material so that it cannot cont

Is there a fire extinguisher color code?

There are several different international codes. The USA has no particular code for the color of the extinguisher, although the labels may include Green Triangle for Class A

What colors are fire extinguishers and what they contain?

Silver is a water can (Class A) or a Class K for grease fryers. Red is ABC extinguishers (multi-purpose) and for CO extinguishers. Yellow is for Class D (flammable metals).

How do you put out a fire with a fire extinguisher?

Get between the fire and the exit, in case your action is unsuccessful. Select an extinguisher that is proper for the type of fuel. . In particular, do NOT use water extin

How a flames get extinguish by a fire extinguisher?

either: . removing oxygen to suffocate the fire; . removing heat to stop further ignition; or . changing the chemical reaction with the fuel But I have one suggestion f

What fire extinguishers is used for what fire?

Class A fire extinguishers - used for fires caused by "ordinary combustibles" aka paper, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. Class B fire extinguishers - used for fires caused

How do you extinguish fire using fire extinguisher?

Hi, Fire extinguisher is very easy to use . Here I mention 3 stepson how to use. step - 1 : Pull the pin - This will allow you to discharge theextinguisher. step - 2 :Squeeze
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How can fires be extinguished?

Fires are generally extinguished by removing part of the processthat makes them keep going, sometimes called the "firetetrahedron": fuel, oxygen, heat, chemical reaction. For
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How does the fire extinguish?

Fire is initiated through the availability of three factors together: . oxygen (or air) . material that has the ability to be extenguished (wood, cloth, fuel, ...) . the m
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Why is red color used for fire extinguisher and fire engines?

Fire engines have 8 men and 4 wheels. 8 and 4 make 12. 12 inchesmake a ruler. A good ruler was Elizabeth who ruled over the 7 seas.In the 7 seas are fish. Fish have fins. The