What color are gnats?

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the color is brown
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Where are gnats born?

Food sources are where gnats are born. Mothers attempt to deposit eggs in garden/houseplant soils and perishable foods in order that the new-hatched maggots can feed enough to

What is a gnat?

Gnat is the common name for many small, winged insects inthe fly grouping. Contrary to popular belief, these tiny flyinginsects are not "babies," they are adults. It is a sma

How do gnats form?

gnats form in the insdie of ur butt hole. so gently stick a wet q-tip up ur butt and make sure u get it CLEAN! and also to get rid of gnats you can stick a jar of vinegir and

Are bees gnats?

No. Gnats are related to mosquitoes. Bees do not feed off human flesh or blood.

Where do gnats reproduce?

Depends on the species. Some lay eggs in stagnant water like mosquitoes do, some lay in rotting vegetation, some in live vegetation, some in fungal blooms.

Why does gnats get on your wounds?

Gnats get on your wounds because they are attracted to excrementfrom the wounds. They will be drawn to any open wounds and cuts.

Do gnats urinate?

Yes, gnats do urinate. If a gnat urinates on the skin it canirritate the skin and cause it to burn or itch.

What are the adaptations of a gnat?

Adaptations vary by area. Some gnats live in warmer climates, whileothers live in cooler climates. They also live where food is easilyavailable for them.