What color eyes do Italian people have?

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Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
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Why do peoples eyes change colors?

peoples eyes change color because of there environment or the color of there thinking of these people are very very super rare if your eyes change color this is a gift from go

How does people see colors with there eyes?

everything emits light that we see around us in everyday life. The amount of light it emits determines what 'colour' it appears to be to our eyes. Which is why in pitch black

Why do people eye color change?

Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, for then to eventually develop another eye color. this is because the cells in the eye start producing Melanin, which colors the

What color are the Italian people?

A range of colors may be found among the Italian people. But generally, the people of the north tend to show lighter colored complexions. Just as generally, the people of

What are 8 hair and eye colors in Italian?

To say hair... i capelli . To say eyes... gli occhi. colours... verdi green. \n\n bruni brown. \n\n neri black. \n\n biondi blonde. \n\n azzurri blue. \n\n rossicci gin
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Why people have different eye colors?

It's all about their genes and what has been inherited from theirparents. When a baby is being developed, some genes from theparents will be used. These include: eye colour, s