What color eyes do Italian people have?

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Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
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Why do people have different colored eyes?

People have different coloured eyes because they have different sets of genes. These genes influence the pigments produced in the eye and they will reflect different colours of light which we see with our eyes.

Is it possible for Chinese people to have colored eyes?

Most of my grandfather's generation had blue eyes that had a dark center, then brown, then a bright blue circle (called central heterochromia). Two of my mother's generation had them and none in our generation.

Why do some people have different colored eyes?

there is a thing called malenine in you eyes and those who have blue eyes hae little to non and those with brown eyes have much more. Babies usually have blue eyes because they havn't develped malenine yet. and sometimes after 5 mothes or so the eyes will turn to there trur color. Usually but not allways if there was some kind of trama to the eye at a young age it may not turn to brown and the other one will btw i have different eye colours I have a brown eye that is half blue and a blue eye that is 1/3 brown also!!

Can blind people have colored eyes?

yes they can i have a friend who i blind in one eye but their eyes usaly have color. but their pupils are blured out but not missing.

Can blind people have color eyes?

Yes. Most blind people have normal looking eyes. (You've been watching too many scary movies.)

Why do peoples eyes change colors?

peoples eyes change color because of there environment or the color of there thinking of these people are very very super rare if your eyes change color this is a gift from god he is blessing you with his mighty power so don't be sad or feel like a freak because you are really asome and if u don't want Ur eyes i don't mind changing we bot can go get surgery done and ill take your eyes and you can take mine ill be fine ill be a rare person because of u so be thankful for your wonderful gift not may people in the world have your gift from the lord

Can the people change they color of the eyes?

yes. there is a very pricey laser eye surgery in which the doctor places a colour pallet under your cornia.

How do your eyes have a color?

Your color has eyes from pigments, and genetics. Brown eyes are dominant, and blue eyes are recessive. So if you have a male with brown eyes, and a blue recessive gene, and a female with blue eyes, there's a 50/50 chance their kids will have blue eyes. If I, I have blue eyes, have kids with a boy who has blue eyes, all of our kids will have blue eyes, because between the two of us, there are no dominant brown eye genes. yeah..dont think that answered their question...nice try though. One thing I know for sure is that if two parents with blue eye's have kid's their kids could have blue eye's or a different color because another family member could have genes for a different eye color. Your gene's determine what color you eye's are.

How many people have 2 different colored eyes?

It's hard to get an exact count. I've been looking all over also because I have two different colored eyes, ;)

How do people get their eye color?

It all depends on your genes. If both of your parents have brown eyes, and have a recessive trait for blue, then you have a 25% chance for having blue eyes, 25% for having brown eyes with no blue recessive genes, and 50% for having brown eyes with a blue recessive gene to pass to your children. (I made a chart for you to understand better) B=Brown b=Blue top row is father side is mother B b B | BB | Bb | ---|-----|-----|- b | Bb | bb | If you understand the chart, then you passed middle school science.

Why do people have different eye colors?

The iris give the eye its color. The pigment is called Melanin. If there are large amount of Melanin present, the color of the eye would be black, brown or hazel & small amounts would result in light green or light blue eyes. because of the genes given to the person by their parents during reproduction. I agree with what is above, but I am disturbed by one thing in the text. Black eyes don't exist unless your pupils are dilated, or due to rare mutations. It looks black because it is really just a dark brown. Here's an experiment, if you are white, find someone of color (any race other than Caucasian), like me, and try to get their eyes into a light. Since dark brown eyes are extremely reflective, this shouldn't be hard. Their eyes will look like a medium light brown. Believe me, this WILL work, I have this eye type myself and do this experiment on myself all the time.

What colors can eyes be?

Amber . Blue . Brown . Gray . Green . Hazel . Black . Red . Violet 7-9 are pretty rare

What color should people color their hair if you have am dark blond with dark blue eyes?

maybe a lighter blond like golden or a soft light brown, auburn highlights are good too

Do blind people lose the color of their eyes?

No, if you have seen a blind person they do have their eye color. It is only the inside of the eye that changes.

How does people see colors with there eyes?

everything emits light that we see around us in everyday life. The amount of light it emits determines what 'colour' it appears to be to our eyes. Which is why in pitch black we dont see any colours....no visable light is being reflected off surfaces.

What eye color do Irish people typically have?

they could have any eye colour Another Answer: According to a Harvard University study (Hooton) 42% had light blue eye color, another 30% had light mixed, and 27% had mixed eyes ranging from medium to dark mixed eye color ('hazel'). Some of the last category may be referred to as "brown" in common usage, but pure brown eyes are rare in Ireland.

What color eyes do German People have?

im not sure really but i do know they have brown and black. hope this narrows your research down

What color of eyes do most Irish people have?

Irish are predominantly a blue-eyed people. Depending on studies done on their populations. Harvard U in the 40's found that almost 50% had pure blue eyes, this is as high or higher than the lightest-eyed regions of Scandinavia. Another study done by the Irish Journal of Medical Science found that 59% for blue eyes and 21% for green eyes. According to the Harvard studies, less than 1% of Irish people have pure brown eyes. In the British Isles, the Irish are also the most blue-eyed.

Why do people eye color change?

Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, for then to eventually develop another eye color. this is because the cells in the eye start producing Melanin, which colors the iris. Usually the color stays the same troughout your life, but in some cases puberty can change the lighting, making them either darker or lighter. You can also develop diseases, like heterochromia, where the production of Melanin can be prohibited. This is often shown in cases when people have different eye colors, for instance one blue and one green eye.

What are the colors in Italian?

Black - Nero Blue - Azzurro (or blu) Brown - Marrone Grey - Grigio Green - Verde Orange - Arancione Pink - Rosa Purple - Porpora Red - Rosso White - Bianco Yellow - Giallo

Why do you have a different color of your eye than other peoples eye?

it's a genetic thing from your parents. Well not everyone have the same parents so they will have eyes from their parents.

What color eyes do most Arabic people have?

It depends on the country, but their eye colors vary ALOT. The majority have medium brown, but many of them have greenand hazel, and honey-colored eyes are found more in the Middle Eastthan anywhere else. It seems the Middle East in particular hasseveral individuals with yellow/golden eyes, which is extremelyrare. Some also have blue, grey, and dark brown-- but as mentioned,how common or rare each color is really depends on the country. Forexample, in the Levant area (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon)light eyes are pretty common, with about 25-30% of the populationpossessing light eye color (hazel or lighter). In Saudi Arabia andother gulf countries, lighter eyes are much morerare.

Can people change their eye color?

no,but if u want u have to put colored contacts,or else u cant automatically change ur eye color

Do people with blue green eyes see colors differently?

No- perception of colour is controlled by the number and type of cells contained in the retina, not by the iris, which controls only the AMOUNT of light that enters the eye.. Retinal cells are made up of 2 sorts, known commonly as 'rods' and 'cones' because of their shapes. Rods pick up black & white light, whilst cones detect colours- there are far fewer cones than rods in the retina. Differences in colour perception are caused by fewer numbers of cones, or by defects in their structure.

How do you change the color of peoples eyes with PhotoShop?

Select just the iris (I zoom in a lot use the oval marking tool select a circle that just covers the iris, remove the parts of the eyelids that are in the way and remove the pupil (the black center) from the selection, go to the other eye and do the same) The I use Adjustments Hue and Contrast to change the color of the irises. A larger pupil makes the subject more interesting! (but just slightly larger)!

How do black people get colored eyes?

get color contacts if you werent born with them. and usually; colored eyes are traits based on the parents. for example my eyes are dark brown because of my father. but my grandmother's eyes are blue because of her great-grandmother. its all in heredity.

What color eyes will 2 brown eyed people have?

2 'dark brown or black' eyed parents can have a child with any of the possible eye colors but it is unlikely they will have a light eyed child, such as light blue or blue See here http://www.testsymptomsathome.com/GTI11_eye_color.asp

If two people have blue eyes what color with the child have?

As far as eye color goes, blue is dominant in your genes, so if either parent has blue eyes, then the child will definitely have blue eyes, no matter the eye color of the other parent.

What color are the Italian people?

A range of colors may be found among the Italian people. But generally, the people of the north tend to show lighter colored complexions. Just as generally, the people of the south tend to show darker colored complexions. Those in the center of the Italian peninsula are somewhat in between the extremes or show a mix. Additionally, dark may be quite dark if the Italians in question represent a mix of Italian heritage with one of the peoples of the former Italian colonies. The descendants of those former colonies include the heritage of the Orient in Tianjin/Tientsin, China; and of Africa in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, and Somalia.

How can people have different eye color?

people can have different eye color because of the probalility that their parents have different eye color.

Why do people have different hair skin and eye color?

Your genes(pronouced jeans) contains DNA that tells you body to give you this and that.

Why do you have a eye color?

because of the environment where your ancestors came from. mine where from Ireland so i have bluish green eyes because of the ocean and cold weather

What percentage of people in the us have amber colored eyes?

Amber is an extremely rare eye color for people in the US or elsewhere. I have only met one such person in my entire life. The percentage is undoubtedly very low, perhaps a thousandth of a percent.

Who do you get your eye color from?

The genetics of eye color are more complicated than previously thought. Color is determined by multiple genes. The genetics of eye color are so complex, that almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur.

How many people in the whole world have colored eyes?

That is so not true i have diffrent color eyes, and they say they have it because of trauma and medications. weell i live in fl and have heard about 3 people with it in cluding me.

Can people have bi colored eyes?

Yes, people can have a two colored eye or eyes. for example I have grey eyes but my left eye is half brown.

What color hair and eyes do people from Sweden have?

The answer is "any". The Saami people (natives of the northen parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia) tend to be dark haired with either blue or brown eyes. Over the years there have been a lot of migration between the European countries, so the statement that all Swedes are blond and blue eyed is a fallacy. It is just as varied as in the USA or in the U.K.

Do all people in the family have the same colored eyes?

Well..No. everyonein my family has blue eyes's Everyone but my grandpa.he was Iltain and had dark brown.my brothers son has brown aswell..Yes its posable..So if yu think yr like Adopeded or something just cause yu have brown eyes and yr mom and dad have almost black..Sometimes genes skip generation's,Yu have blues eyes but yr kiids can have black.look at yr grandpartnets.do they have almost blask eyes?prolly not.but there parenst did!!get it?.Mkay.Well.Bye:)

What colors of clothing are best for people with green eyes?

I have green eyes and i wear pretty much any color but you could try earth tone colors like browns,maroons and dark green.... I know earth tones go good for eyechadow :) Hope I helped:))

How do eyes get there color?

Eye color is based on the amount and type of pigments in the iris of the eye.

What is the color of your eye?

Um, well mine are really dark brown (I hate it) but you can have blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, hazel eyes, amber eyes, brown eyes. You can also have red or violet eyes with different forms of albinism but I don't know much about that. I'm not really sure if this was the answer you were looking for but I :)

What are 8 hair and eye colors in Italian?

To say hair... i capelli . To say eyes... gli occhi. colours... verdi green. \n\n bruni brown. \n\n neri black. \n\n biondi blonde. \n\n azzurri blue. \n\n rossicci ginger. \n\n red rossi \n . \n\n grey grigi .

What color hair and eyes do the Basque people have?

Blonde hair and blue eyes are very common in Spain's Basque country. Also, O-Negative blood is more common than B-Positive.

What was the color eyes most people had in the hunger games?

Gray. but that's only if they lived in the seam. If you lived or worked at the shops you ussually had blue eyes and blond hair like prim and katniss's mother.

What color of eyes do Italian people have?

The most common eye colour is brown, because of ancient intermixing with peolpe of north africa and the middle east. there is higher frequency of lighter hair and eyes in north italy

Why do people have different colored blue eyes?

If people have diffrent blue eyes it just means that their parents have diffrent color of eyes. Or maybe it could that they just have a diffrent shade of eye color.

What hair and eye color do German people have?

Purple and green are the dominant colors, although a person never has the same colored hair as their eyes.

Can 2 people with blue eyes have a kid with different color eyes?

yes because they might have the genotype of blue eyes even though you cannot see that they have blue eyes because it is a recessive gene

What color eyes do people with brown hair usually have?

people with brown hair usally have green eyes and have hairy legs . no joke wallah

Why people have different eye colors?

It's all about their genes and what has been inherited from theirparents. When a baby is being developed, some genes from theparents will be used. These include: eye colour, skin tone and haircolour.