What color eyes do Italian people have?

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Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
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Why do people have different colored eyes?

People have different coloured eyes because they have different sets of genes. These genes influence the pigments produced in the eye and they will reflect different colours of light which we see with our eyes.

Why do some people have different colored eyes?

there is a thing called malenine in you eyes and those who have blue eyes hae little to non and those with brown eyes have much more. Babies usually have blue eyes because they havn't develped malenine yet. and sometimes after 5 mothes or so the eyes will turn to there trur color. Usually but not al (MORE)

Why do peoples eyes change colors?

peoples eyes change color because of there environment or the color of there thinking of these people are very very super rare if your eyes change color this is a gift from god he is blessing you with his mighty power so don't be sad or feel like a freak because you are really asome and if u don't w (MORE)

What color is are his eyes?

Zak Efron's eyes are the color of blue. He is an American actor whofirst became famous from The Disney Channel movie, 'High SchoolMusical".

How do people get their eye color?

It all depends on your genes. If both of your parents have brown eyes, and have a recessive trait for blue, then you have a 25% chance for having blue eyes, 25% for having brown eyes with no blue recessive genes, and 50% for having brown eyes with a blue recessive gene to pass to your children. (I m (MORE)

Why do people have different eye colors?

The iris give the eye its color. The pigment is called Melanin. If there are large amount of Melanin present, the color of the eye would be black, brown or hazel & small amounts would result in light green or light blue eyes. because of the genes given to the person by their parents during reproduct (MORE)

How does people see colors with there eyes?

everything emits light that we see around us in everyday life. The amount of light it emits determines what 'colour' it appears to be to our eyes. Which is why in pitch black we dont see any colours....no visable light is being reflected off surfaces.

What eye color do Irish people typically have?

they could have any eye colour Another Answer: According to a Harvard University study (Hooton) 42% had light blue eye color, another 30% had light mixed, and 27% had mixed eyes ranging from medium to dark mixed eye color ('hazel'). Some of the last category may be referred to as "brown" in commo (MORE)

What color of eyes do most Irish people have?

Irish are predominantly a blue-eyed people. Depending on studies done on their populations. Harvard U in the 40's found that almost 50% had pure blue eyes, this is as high or higher than the lightest-eyed regions of Scandinavia. Another study done by the Irish Journal of Medical Science found that 5 (MORE)

Why do people eye color change?

Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, for then to eventually develop another eye color. this is because the cells in the eye start producing Melanin, which colors the iris. Usually the color stays the same troughout your life, but in some cases puberty can change the lighting, making them e (MORE)

What are the colors in Italian?

Black - Nero Blue - Azzurro (or blu) Brown - Marrone Grey - Grigio Green - Verde Orange - Arancione Pink - Rosa Purple - Porpora Red - Rosso White - Bianco Yellow - Giallo

What color eyes do most Arabic people have?

It depends on the country, but their eye colors vary ALOT. The majority have medium brown, but many of them have greenand hazel, and honey-colored eyes are found more in the Middle Eastthan anywhere else. It seems the Middle East in particular hasseveral individuals with yellow/golden eyes, which is (MORE)

Do people with blue green eyes see colors differently?

No- perception of colour is controlled by the number and type of cells contained in the retina, not by the iris, which controls only the AMOUNT of light that enters the eye.. Retinal cells are made up of 2 sorts, known commonly as 'rods' and 'cones' because of their shapes. Rods pick up black & whi (MORE)

How do you change the color of peoples eyes with PhotoShop?

Select just the iris (I zoom in a lot use the oval marking tool select a circle that just covers the iris, remove the parts of the eyelids that are in the way and remove the pupil (the black center) from the selection, go to the other eye and do the same) The I use Adjustments Hue and Contrast to (MORE)

How do black people get colored eyes?

get color contacts if you werent born with them. and usually; colored eyes are traits based on the parents. for example my eyes are dark brown because of my father. but my grandmother's eyes are blue because of her great-grandmother. its all in heredity.

What color eyes will 2 brown eyed people have?

2 'dark brown or black' eyed parents can have a child with any of the possible eye colors but it is unlikely they will have a light eyed child, such as light blue or blue See here http://www.testsymptomsathome.com/GTI11_eye_color.asp

What color are the Italian people?

A range of colors may be found among the Italian people. But generally, the people of the north tend to show lighter colored complexions. Just as generally, the people of the south tend to show darker colored complexions. Those in the center of the Italian peninsula are somewhat in between t (MORE)

What color hair and eyes do people from Sweden have?

The answer is "any". The Saami people (natives of the northen parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia) tend to be dark haired with either blue or brown eyes. Over the years there have been a lot of migration between the European countries, so the statement that all Swedes are blond and blue eyed (MORE)

Do all people in the family have the same colored eyes?

Well..No. everyonein my family has blue eyes's Everyone but my grandpa.he was Iltain and had dark brown.my brothers son has brown aswell..Yes its posable..So if yu think yr like Adopeded or something just cause yu have brown eyes and yr mom and dad have almost black..Sometimes genes skip generation' (MORE)

How do you get the color of your eye?

You get the color of your eye by your genes. It can be from anybody in your family but its usually from your grandparents or from your parents. Even if your eye color is hazel and your moms is brown and your dads is blue then you got half. But if that's what happened to you its mostly because someon (MORE)

What are 8 hair and eye colors in Italian?

To say hair... i capelli . To say eyes... gli occhi. colours... verdi green. \n\n bruni brown. \n\n neri black. \n\n biondi blonde. \n\n azzurri blue. \n\n rossicci ginger. \n\n red rossi \n . \n\n grey grigi .

What color of eyes do Italian people have?

The most common eye colour is brown, because of ancient intermixing with peolpe of north africa and the middle east. there is higher frequency of lighter hair and eyes in north italy

Why people have different eye colors?

It's all about their genes and what has been inherited from theirparents. When a baby is being developed, some genes from theparents will be used. These include: eye colour, skin tone and haircolour.

Why do you have color eyes?

We have color eyes because Aunt sisters might of had them but they might of past them to you so that is why or it is just your luck to have color eyes.Part of the eyes is Epithelium,Iris Stroma,Cellular