What color is Ginseng in the winter?

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Ginseng does not grow in the winter. It dies off. Check out Wildgrown.com! It has everything about ginseng... the laws,ppl who buy it,they sell seeds and plants,and they have a forum where ppl talk about ginseng! its great!
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What is ginseng?

its an energy drink with ingredients that you would typically putin a monster or red bull. Ginseng is a perennial herb that grows inthe eastern US. The roots are dug and used

What are the winter colors?

Cold colours such as white, grey, blues, blacks and creams are usually associtated with winter.

How do you get ginsengs?

sorry m8 u cn only get one in the game after the first sentry post you do. The only other way is use action replay hope this helped :).
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What are the colors of trees in winter?

spruce or pine trees are always have green pine needles and brown bark all trough out the year. While birch and willow trees their bark turns a more whitesh brown.