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What color is asteroids?

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asteroids are normally gray but when their age they start changing color to dark red and black
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Why do asteroids have asteroid craters in them?

They have crater's in them because they collide with other, smaller asteroids or space debris on it's orbit and, because it was the bigger one of the two, comes away in tact w

How big do asteroids get?

One of the smallest asteroids is just 20 feet across, but most are  much larger. The biggest known asteroid is 583 miles across. Its  name is Ceres.

What is the largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt?

The largest body in the asteroid belt is Ceres, with a diameter of about 950 km. Although it has long been considered to be an asteroid, Ceres was classified as a "dwarf plane

What is the appearance of an asteroid?

Some asteroids are irregular in shape and heavily pockmarked by impact craters and some of them have spherical shape.

How small can a asteroid be?

An asteroid is a rocky object in space. It may be a broken part of a planet. The smallest observed asteroids are 10 meters in size . There may be many asteroids smaller than t

Why is the asteroid belt there?

Most of the asteroids are pieces of rock left over from the formation of the Solar System and they stay between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt.

What is an asteroid?

Asteroids, sometimes called minor planets or planetoids, are small rocky bodies in orbit around the Sun, especially in the inner Solar System; they are smaller than planets bu

What is asteroid?

Asteroids are orbiting bodies that are made up of rocks. Asteroids  can be small or very large with lengths of 600 miles.

Are all the asteroids in the asteroid belt?

No. Asteroids are scattered throughout the solar system in various orbits, some of which are relatively stable. Some have orbits that pass near Earth. But the vast preponderan
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How many asteroids are in the asteroid belt?

it is unknown for now, but scientists do know that there are hundreds, or possibly thousands.., or even millions! they come in so many sizes, and it is difficult to count them