What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?

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medium gray
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What is a deep blue color?

There are many different shades of the color blue. Egyptian blue,dark blue, navy blue, midnight blue, and Catalina blue are deepblue colors.

How do you marble dust pool?

Marble dusting a pool, otherwise known as plastering your pool, should be done by a professional, so please call a proffesional to do it for you as you need it to be done righ

What are some deep blue colors?

Deep blur colors: Haze, Denim, Marine, Cobalt, Slate, Sonata, Mermaid, Twilight, Empire, Ming, Sistine, Electric, and Delft blue are deep blues.

What color makes pool blue?

Blue with a small amount of yellow mixed in will give you the aqua most commonly associated with pools.