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What color represents waiting and joyful expectation?

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Who wrote the hymn Joyful Joyful?

Joyful Joyful has been sung in many different settings but was originally written by Ludwig Von Beethoven as a major theme in his ninth symphony.

What do the colors represent?

The colors that are found on flags can represent a number of  different things. White generally means purity and red usually  means blood.

What does color represent?

A: Each and every color has its own representation: red is for love, yellow for friendship, etc. Some colors represent goodness where as others something else.    A: F

What color can you expect your shih tzu to be?

  Shih tzus can be a number of different colours! Your one could be either black and white, light bown and white, or dark brown and white ect. As they get older they will

What color would astatine expected to be?

Not sure what you're looking for here. Astatine is not "expected" to be any colour. It *is* a black crystalline solid, if one can keep it as a solid long enough to have a good

How do you represent colors?

You can represent colours through music! For example, Red contains the connotation of anger, frustration, vexation and hostility. But red can also possess the connotation of p

What colors make you joyful?

my favorite color is purple, i guess that makes me joyful ^^ also blue and green, some shades of red.