What combination of volts to amps in cattle prod type devices will kill pernicious weeds such as thistles?

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No combination of volts to amps in cattle prod type devices kills pernicious weeds such as thistles. Volts and amps are linked by a mathematical principle, known as Ohm's law, that states that V=IR, where V is voltage, I is current (amps) and R is resistance. In general, biological systems -- especially human -- are most dramatically affected by amperage. Any cattle prod type device that delivers sufficient amperage to fry weeds will be as dangerous to the user as to the property.
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Is it ok to use a cattle prod on a dog?

NO never. Don't risk it, you might kill it. Get some basic training, buy a book. There is no need ever to do that.. If you can't handle the dog, give it to a loving home.. Try the cattle prod on yourself see how it feels that gives you your answer.

How do you kill thistles in the garden?

At Zamzows we carry a spay concentrate product called Zamzows Ultra Weed Control . This comes in Ready to Use and in concentrate. This product is safe for kids and pets once it is dry. Zamzows Ultra Weed Control in the concentrate form also "must" be applied with a tanks sprayer. When it com (MORE)

What are volts and amps?

Volts are a unit of measurement for the potential differencebetween two points. Amps are a unit for measuring the currentflowing between those two points. Potential difference is just acondition for a current to flow.

How do you kill thistle weeds?

Start digging about a foot away from plant. The tap root usually grows at an angle so it is imperative to pull out the entire plant to avoid regrowth.

Is it illegal to keep a Cattle prod in Canada?

19" or over is legal to posess an electric 'stun' device, ie cattle prod however, if you are carrying it concealed, you may be charged with carrying a concealed weapon, making it awkward. in your car, yes, but the Canadian gestapo will try to tell you its illegal because they don't know what the rea (MORE)

What are volt-amps?

Volt-Amp gets its name from Ohm's law, where volts X amps = watts . You will commonly see it abreviated as VA. Also called apparent power.. So, when we say volt-amps, we are alluding to a measurement of power.. Strictly speaking, VA is not always EXACTLY the same as watts though. In a DC circuit, (MORE)

What kills people volts or amps?

It is the amperage that will kill you. In fact the amperage range is in the milliamps (one thousandths of an amp) that are dangerous. Less than 1/2 milliamp no sensation 1/2 to 2 milliamps Threshold of perception 2 to 10 milliamps muscular contraction 5 to 25 milliamps painful shock (may (MORE)

Who invented the cattle prod?

Bob Kleberg of King Ranch in Texas. It was invented sometime after the 1930's but not sure of a true date. Kleberg also introduced Santa Gertrudis cattle which is a combination of Brahmans and Shorthorns. The King ranch is one of the largest ranches in the United States and has more land mass than t (MORE)

Can 8000 volts from a cattle prod kill a human?

8,000 volts will certainly be enough to arc a small distance through you, but what really does the damage in electrocution is not the voltage, but the amperage. Think of voltage as the force with which the current is pushing it's way though something, and amperage is how much current there actually (MORE)

How do you kill Canada thistle?

Canada thistle [ Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.] has attractive purple flowers and sharp, dark green leaves. It easily is confused with native thistles. But it's distinguished by its aggressively fast spread horizontally and vertically through an area, at the expense of almost everything else. For it c (MORE)

Can a cattle prod kill a human?

No, not really. The electric shock from a cattle prod isn't enough to kill a human, just to give a person a really nice shock.

In Mafia Wars where do you get cattle prod?

The Cattle Prod is a piece of common loot (as opposed to uncommon or rare loot) that you will find at random in the Yakuza Crates that are, from time to time, offered by the Godfather. It's also possible that you may be able to simply buy one for Godfather points if they are offered as a Limited Tim (MORE)

Can you use a 14 volt 5 amp adapter on a 12 volt 5 amp device?

No you shouldn't use a 14 volt 5 amp adapter on a 12 volt 5 amp device unless you know for sure that the 12 volt device has an internal voltage regulator that will lower the voltage to the correct voltage range the device was designed to use. As long as you always take care to check the output vol (MORE)

Can you use a lamp as a cattle prod?

Yes and no. The wiring and metal parts of a lamp may be useful, but the rest of it may be an encumbrance. Also, you can't simply plug it into a wall and have a cattle prod without having a transformer. The key to making a cattle prod is high voltage and low amperage. The standard wall outlet will gi (MORE)

Can a cattle prod hurt a person?

Cattle prods are intended to inflict minor electrical pain to largefarm animals in order to control them, and they can causesignificantly more pain in a person, though they are unlikely tophysically injure the recipient of the jolt. . . unless you getbonked on the head with the heavy battery end or (MORE)

Can 8 amps at only 6 volts kill a human being?

No. 6 volts in effectively undetectable by the human body and produces NO negative effects. Even 12 volts, at any amperage, will not harm you. Another Answer The reason for this is 8 amps will not flow through a human when 6 volts is applied. It is unlikely any measurable current will flow, in (MORE)

Can you use a 15 amp 115 volt device in standard outlet?

The outlet is connected to and protected by a breaker or fuse in a main electric panel. The outlet should be sized to the protection. Usually utility outlets in a residence are either 15 A or 20 A. If there are multiple outlets on a circuit then the total current cannot exceed the protection value o (MORE)

What will kill you amps or volts?

Truly, it is Power that kills you. Power is the product of voltage AND current. Knowing that it takes some significant voltage to drive any current through a person, and that it takes more volts to drive more current through the same load (a person's body), we can roughly judge the effect of the e (MORE)

What is the voltage output of a cattle prod?

The voltage output of a cattle prod is typically around 4,500 to5,000 volts although it can be much lower and much higher. Taserstypically have a voltage around 50,000 volts but once skin contactis made the voltage drops to around 1,200 volts. The power ofcattle prods and tasers is more dependent on (MORE)

How can thistle weed be eliminated from gardens?

Shading, spraying, and waterlogging are ways to eliminate thistle weeds from gardens. The Compositae family member in question favors alkaline, heavy, well-drained soils in full sun even though the wildflowers in question tolerate acid, nutrient-deficient, sandy soils. Herbicides need to be applie (MORE)

Can you connect a 6 volt 1 amp power supply to a 6 volt 300 milliamp device?

Yes. Power supplies are rated for the amount of current they can supply at a given voltage. If your device is rated for 300 mA at 6 volts, it will only draw 300 mA from the 1 amp of supply current available. Technically you could power three of these devices from the same 1 amp power supply: .3A + (MORE)

How do you eliminate garden weed thistles?

One of the way so to remove garden weed thistles is to use an herbicide made for killing the weed. A cheaper alternative is to pull the weed, root and all. This will keep the plant from returning quickly or at all in the same spot.

What does a device of 15 Amps X 115 Volts equal in HP?

Assuming 100% efficiency, there are 746 Watts per Horsepower, so 115 Volts multiplied by 15 Amps should be 1725 Watts divided by 746 Watts per HP yields 2.3 HP. I generally assume about 1 kW per HP which would result in about 1.7 HP. The current noted may be starting current and the running current (MORE)

Can you use a 12 volt 3 amp power supply on a 12 volt 5 amp device?

You can, but it probably won't provide sufficient current to powerthe device. While you have to match voltages from supply to device, the currentspec on the power supply has to equal or exceed the currentrequirements on the device. The device should naturally usewhatever current it needs, based on i (MORE)