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Inflicting pain, injury or psychological injury while the victim is restrained or otherwise unable to move.
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What is torture?

Torture is causing someone or somthing extream pain. like the chinses tickle torture, where someones feet are tickled without stoping breaks or somthing more violent. Torture is very bad! . extreme mental distress and pain

How did the Nazis torture?

By beating, whipping, and whacking the Jews. Basically anything they could think of to do to the Jews, they would do it.

What is pet torture?

pet torture is when people abuse there animals. they do unspeakable things to the animals, like NEVER give it food or water, hit it, kick it, and other cruel things. Why do you ask?

Is torture acceptable?

No. I believe that in most governments e.g. he U.S. that would be "assault" and or kidnapping to do the torture if you took them away to do it forcefully.

How were Jews tortured?

The Nazis had various methods for torturing Jews. The first torture was \nthe train transport to the camps often lasting several days without food\nor water, crowded into cattle trucks. the Jews were then split\nup and their hair was cut this was to be done naked and under the eyes \nof anyone this means girls of all ages would have had their hair cut \nwhilst naked by men who were 40 and same for men who would have had \ntheir hair cut by women Jews were not allowed to have hair so \nwhenever their hair was growing too long they would be put through the \nsame procedure again (most Jews would have been dead after 3 of them) \nafter the haircuts the Jews would be selected for gassing this meant \nthey would all be placed in a room and that mustard gas would be sprayed\non them If they survived selection for gassing, most Jews were\nslowly and systematically starved to death. This was made even worse \nbecause while they were being denied proper food, they were expected to \ndo manual labour for long hours, despite being hungry and thirsty. \nTypical rations at a camp would consist of a cup of black coffee and a \nslice of bread for breakfast. Lunch was watery soup with some added \ncereal, and supper was a cup of water and another slice of bread. Once a\nweek they might get a piece of sausage or jam, so while the food was \nnot non-existent, it was calculated to starve the Jews into corpses. \nGuards beat those prisoners who they felt were not working hard enough.\nSometimes the guards beat the prisoners for no reason at all. Prisoners\nwere routinely shot or selected for gassing for minor transgressions. \nIf the prisoners became too thin to work, then there were regular \nselections where the weak ones would be selected for gassing. Sometimes \nJews were publicly hanged at roll call time. Other Jewish \nprisoners froze to death because they were not allowed to have any warm \nclothing or protection from the elements, and winters were very harsh. \nOften the Jews were forced to get up at 2am or 3 am and stand outside \nfor a roll call (Appell) for many hours at a time in the freezing night.\nIf they fell down in roll call, they were beaten up. They were forced \nto sleep in wooden stable barracks on the floor or hard wooden boards, \noften with 3 or even 5 people in a bed. Still others were \nexperimented on by the notoriously brutal Dr. Mengele who used Jews to \ntest out his own particular scientific theories. Families were \nsplit up on arrival and the women with children plus the young and old \nselected for gassing. Sometimes the guards would pull a child from a \nmother, and swing it round, smashing the child's head onto a wall, \nkilling it. This was true of people who were about to be gassed. This \ntorture made some Jews go crazy and either attack the guards whereupon \nthey would be shot or the Jews would commit suicide by throwing \nthemselves on the electrified fence. At the end of the war,\nthe Russians were capturing Poland where most of the camps were, so the\nNazis moved the Jews back to Germany in death marches lasting days \nwithout food or water. Any person who couldn't keep up was shot. Many of\nthese Jews ended up at Bergen-Belsen which was heavily overcrowded and \nrife with typhus and had no food or water. A large number of the \nstarving Jews who survived till then, caught typhus and died. Anne Frank\nwas one such Jew who tortured at Auschwitz and died of typhus at \nBergen-Belsen. the Jewish people nor the people of Germany \nwould have known the horror that went on behind the electric fences of \nthe concerntration camps making it more horrifying when they arrived. \nthe people of Germany beleived that the camps were just a way of \nseparating Jewish society from regular society without even knowing \nabout the torture for film depictions of such torture i suggest\nthe following movies , schindlers list, the diary of anne frank, and \nthe boy in the striped pyjamas They were subject to all forms of tourture, physical uncluded direct trauma as well as starvation, both chronic and acute, suffocation, having to wear insufficient clothing and wooden cloggs. Mental included being separated from their loved ones, a lack of information, the constant threat of death. Having their religious practices disrupted. I do not know what -50k means, someone else will have to answer that.

What is tubing torture?

Tubing torture is a form of torture used by police in South Africa.They cover the victims head with a plastic bag and then suffocatethem until they lose consciousness or die.

Who did Machiavelli get tortured by?

By the Medici. They returned to Florence following the rise of the republic which niccolo was a member of. suspecting him of conspiring against the new mEdici rule, he was tortured, imrisoned for a year, and then released and exiled from Florence.

How do you torture yourself?

1. You could tell every one you hate them.. 2. You could look at sex tapes on the Internet.. 3. You could give yourself a wedgie.. 4. You could go skinny dipping.. 5. You could get F's on all your school work.. 6. You could penitrate your privates.. 7. You could eat hot sauce all day.

Why did he mentally torture you?

Because you let him. If you ever said no or didn't go back to him after "mentally torturing" you, you wouldn't be asking this question, would you?

What are torture devices?

Torture devices are pieces of equipment designed to inflict physical or emotional trauma on a person. Examples could include: . An "Iron Maiden" . The "rack" . A wet towel wrapped around the head . Strappado (tying the persons hands behind their back and then lifting towards the ceiling). . A pillory . The "breaking wheel" (people are tied spread-eagled to a wagon wheel and beaten to death slowly).

How does it feel to be tortured?

Just as there are a number of reasons for torture, and a number ofmethods, there are many different responses to torture, dependingon the individual, his training and his motivations. Blocking painfrom physical torture is usually harder than blocking psychologicaltorture. The possible exception is sleep deprivation, which cansometimes break through the most determined mental defenses,overcoming one's intellectual resistance. Torture is often designed to compel a person to provideinformation, rather than simply make them suffer. Complicating thisfor the torturers is that they are often not *certain* that theperson being tortured actually has the information sought. Thisenables many victims of torture to avoid divulging what they know. Reactions to torture range from grief, despair and helplessness tostoic acceptance and resolve. Prolonged torture can result inpermanent physical injuries and/or mental trauma.

What is the meaning of torture?

to me, torture means to inflect as much pain as possible while keeping the poor victim alive as long as possible. If you want to know what i think the worst possible torture is, is seeing your family being tortured to death, or, this is my nightmare, but anyways, seeing the two people you love most in the world, you girlfriend, mom, sister, grandma, best friend, etc., and seeing them hanging over a big bowl of acid, and you have to choose which one lives, and which one dies. Sad, isn't it? i almost cry at the thought of my mom and brother there because i know my mom will say to let my brother live, then i would have to choose.... Answer: . Torture is about the torturer not the subject. Torture is about control over a person, a group of people, or a situation. Dictionary.com defines torture as " the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty ." This is a literal definition, but it is only a partial one, and is not exactly correct. Recent studies examining the torturers of the past, from the Khmer Rouge Chief Interrogator at S-21 (Kaing Guek Eav) to those of the Stalin regime and Nazi Germany, new light has been shed to illuminate the fact that torturers are not the sadists they were formerly believed to be. In fact, hundreds of interviews and years of study show that sadism is antithetical to the goals of torture.. Torture is an act or series of acts used for causing pain, but the pain is not always physical. The pain can be emotional, mental or psychological, spiritual, intellectual, ethical, moral, or focused on any of the various visceral or atavistic perceptions or elements of humans. Torture is a commen event, even in the developed countries of the world today. It is not just used against terror subjects in the US or by its allies. It is used by every law enforcement agency in the world; those in the US and other similar nations just hide it better than most. This is not conjecture; this is personal experience.. The goal of torture may be for vengeance, it can be borne of paranoia, it can spring from a twisted sense of justice. Consider for a moment that a group of individuals plan for and attack a civilian target. They kill thousands of people, and destroy billions of dollars of property, crippling a portion of that nation's economy. Those involved who do not die in the attack are captured. Clear evidence exists to connect the prisoners to the act. History irrefutably shows that torture interrogations do not provide factual confessions--this is a point of science. What is then the point of torturing these prisoners? Is it to make them suffer before execution, pure vengeance? Vengeance is a hollow victory. The manner of exectution and the activities leading up to it speak more for the executioner than the condemned. If a man is condemned, his death is the goal; dead is dead. Why prolong the outcome? What purpose does it serve? Not justice. That is satisfied in the death of the condemned. An attempt at retribution for the suffering caused by the condemned person? That is satisfied by the sentence and the execution.. Torture, in what ever form, by what ever means, serves one purpose. Unfortunately, that purpose can only be known by the torturer; it is too personal for third party speculation.

Who was a torturer in the Holocaust?

There were many. Something that comes to mind is josef mengele. It was also known as uncle mengele, or the angel of death. it experimented on little children, particularly twins. it conducled gruessome operations and tests without giving its patients any morphine or pain killers. it also murdered thousands of gypsies who were being held prisioners at Auschwitz in the early parts of the holocaust. What an awful question.

What torture was in Holocaust?

Some of the torture was in a concentration camp. Jews had to work on extreme hard things. They were not fed very much. They were shot. They had to dig their own graves. And some men that had beards had to scrub the sidewalk with their beard.

Why is torture effective?

Because most people find pain to be unbearable, they will give up information in order to end the pain caused by torture. ___ The assumption made in the question is doubtful. The victim may in fact simply provide the 'information' that he/she thinks that the torturer wants . __________ Torture is effective because governments use it as an interrogation technique to provide information that will save thousands of lives, as well as the freedoms our country fought for. The one thing everyone holds dear to their heart is their life. When they have no possesions, no home, all they have left if their life. It's effective because most people will save their life in order to give up information. __________ I've spent a bit of time researching the question online and determined the apparent consensus is that torture, indeed, yields "information" of a highly variable (and thus suspect) quality. Nation states and other groups may use torture for this reason alone; simply to stimulate a prisoner into talking about a desired subject matter. But, based on accounts of experienced interrogators, there seems to be a very low degree of truth in the information acquired through torture - many prisoners preferring to simply tell the interrogators what they want to hear (perhaps given the reality that telling the truth is absolutely no guarantee the torture stops). It should be noted the body of experienced interrogators seemed to hold that skilled psychological interrogation is the preferred method due a better quality of information being offered voluntarily.

What are the effects of torture?

This question is relatively vague. Obviously, torture can have many outcomes, the majority being psychological or physical damage to the body and mind.. People become emotionally and physically distressed. They often times can be physically mutilated.

What is 'tortured' in Italian?

Torturato is one Italian equivalent of 'tortured'. It's the past participle of the verb 'torturare', which means 'to torture'. The feminine equivalent is 'torturata'. . If the torture is emotional or psychological, the Italian equivalent also may be tormentato . It's the past participle of the verb 'tormentare', which means 'to irritate, torment, vex, worry'. The feminine equivalent is 'tormentata'.

What is the meaning of torturer?

'Torturer' is used to describe the someone who is bringing about great suffering for another being. They are the one carrying out the torture/torment.

Where did torture come from?

Torture was invented by numerous different cultures around the world entirely separately from one another and various forms of torture have their own unique origins.

When was torture invented?

Torture, as a whole, has basically been around since the beginningof humankind. Until the second century AD, it was ( with a fewexceptions) used on slaves. In the colonial United States, it wasdocumented that women were put into stocks with wooden clips ontheir tongues or dunked for "talking too much."

How is torture used?

Torture in it its primary use is getting other people to revealinformation, in other cases it can be used to inflict pain onothers . People actually torture other people just to get a sexualthrill, others for extreme punishments.

Why are animals tortured?

because its funny Animals are tortured because of several possible reasons. They could be tortured because it is funny to some people and because they may be used for the testing of human body products (shampoo, hair gel, lip stick,.....). Animal torture is very wrong because you are taking a life of a poor innocent animal and corrupting it. My dog for example was tortured by her previous owner and now she is scared of loud noises and large moving objects.

What is a torture bench?

This is a somewhat unusual line of enquiry, and I hope that you are not planning to actually torture anyone (other than as a role playing game, at least). Generally, the first step in torture is to prevent someone from being able to move, so that they can't fight you off while you are torturing them. One way of doing this is to attach them to a bench. Hence, a torture bench.

Can wolverine be tortured?

Yes he can, he can get tortured in the red room where he gets tied up to chains and have loads of these little disks on his body (every were) and then electric runs through the chains through his hands and feet then through those little dicks then he'll have 10,00,000 volts of electric flowing through his body.

How are animals tortured?

some are drowned, beat, hung, starved, stabbed, shot, think witches in medieval times. Environmental factors include littering, dumping trash in lakes, fishing nets, forestry, over hunting/fishing, fishing hooks caught in ducks or fish. One lady had a puppy that her boyfriend boiled on the stove, then glued it's eyes shut. She came home to find the puppy in the bathtub, fur and blood on the pot and oven, and her boyfriend was in bed. There are many ways they are torture. I hope that helps you out!(:

What was the torture chamber?

Do you mean the torture chamber from Leroux's Phantom of the Opera? If so it is a room filled with mirrors and when the Phantom (Erik) opens a shutter it fills it with light and heat, making it unbearably hot and bright, there is a metal tree in the middle I think and it's there so the victim will eventually hang themselves

Was Hitler tortured?

It depends on what you mean. If you're talking about "what Hitler tortured when he died," then the answer is no. Hitler supposedly killed himself with a tablet and a gun to the forehead. Some people believed that it was his stunt double that was killed and that Adolf Hitler escaped the fighting and went into hiding. -3njoy LL

Can you torture by enema?

Yes as far as i know. it would just be you are given a large enema and made to hold it until it is all inside you.

Did Muhammad torture?

Of course not, he was a noble man who cared for nothing more than the rights of human beings regardless of whether they were Muslim or not. Muhammad (PBUH) constantly told his followers of the importance of human rights regardless of religion. Even during the prophets lifetime he was subjected to hate by some of the people around him, regardless of this he never ever said any bad words about them but instead prayed for them to become better people. People who say otherwise are ignorant and have not truly studied the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). May Allah bless you and keep you on the right track.

How can you torture Sonic?

If someone were to torture Sonic, they could shave his head, , or make him eat something he hates, or put him out on boat alone in the middle of the ocean or do something to him that he hates.

How is promethesus tortured?

Prometheus was chained to a rock. A vulture (I think....or some other bird) would come every day and eat out his liver. It would regrow until to be eaten again the next day.

Do demons torture you?

Not me personally, but yes. We demons love to torture, and I myself just adore tickle-torturing cute young women from head to toe and up again, round 'n' round, tightly bound, slowly, lightly, lazily whilst whistling happily as I go. The girls love it, of course, always giggling squealing in delight as they writhe about in a passion of joy. I always give them a safeword that they can say if it they really want me to stop, but they never, ever say the whole thing. All they'd have to do is just utter but once, a simple, "Allabbadeescrumptiousgigglyfiddlely-bumpitycallyahahadilippitusmayberry" would bring it all to stop. Instead, they always seem intent to let it go on and on and on and on....

What is the adjective of torture?

The adjective forms for the verb to torture are the present participle, torturing (a torturing sun), and the past participle, tortured (a tortured prisoner). The adjective form for the noun torture is torturous (a torturous procedure).

What tortures were at auschwits?

Although the Nazi's were famous for their use of gas chambers in the concentration camps, this was more of a method of execution rather than torture. In order to torture people (mostly for information) the Nazi's had various technical, some of their own invention, for torturing prisoners. They were very fond of 'dental work'; this could involve a variety of things such as teeth pulling, twisting and removing gold fillings without aesthetic (which were then melted down and used, along with other possessions, and made into so called 'Nazi Gold'). Nail pulling was also popular and burning with matches and cigarettes. Nazi doctors in the camps also experimented with electroshock therapy and new highly dangerous surgical techniques. Brutal beating was also common using a verity of instruments. There were many more techniques used in the camps (e.g scalping ect) but the ones listed above were the most common.

Why were Jews tortured?

Not just Jews were tortured by the Nazis. There were Homosexuals, gypsies, collabarators and communists. They were tortured because Hitler didn't like them.

Is torture an art?

depends on what you view as art. Art means different things to different people. But to answer your question, yes torture can be viewed as a form of art.

How do you torture your cousin?

Ok, so when he is sleeping go to the kitchen and get a full bowl of really hot water.Then set it on a table/nightstand in their room.After that just stick the cousins hand it the water and they are garenteed to wet the bed! 100% sure I've done this many times.

How do they torture animals?

Testing them out for new vaccines. sending them to explore the dangers for the man. Keeping them in the circus and showing them to people who laugh. Training poor ponies and dogs for races. Taking or adopting a cute puppy or kitten and then later abandoning it. (sigh!) too much! :(

Can you torture rats?

Yes you can, such as for laboratory testing and research purposes. Rats are considered to be excluded from Animal Welfare legislation, in many countries and continents of the world.

Why is torture unconstitutional?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Torture violates the eighth and the fifth amendments of the\nU.S constitution. \n\n \n\n The Eight Amendment prohibits\n"cruel and unusual punishment": \n\n \n\n Excessive bail shall not be\nrequired, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments\ninflicted. \n\n \n\n The Fifth Amendment provides that no\nperson shall be compelled to testify against himself, nor deprived of life,\nliberty, or property, without due process of law: \n\n \n\n No person shall be held to answer\nfor a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or\nindictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval\nforces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public\ndanger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in\njeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be\na witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property,\nwithout due process of law ; nor shall private property be taken for public\nuse, without just compensation. \n\n \n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n EN-US \n X-NONE \n X-NONE \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n

Why does torture exist?

We human beings often fail to live up to our stated ideals. You can conceive of this in either religious or scientific terms, according to your personal preference. In religious terms, we are a fallen race, descended from Adam and Eve who ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil against the specific instructions of God, so now that we have knowledge of evil, we sometimes choose to be evil. In scientific terms, evolution has made us into a competitive species, and sometimes it appears that cruelty to our fellow human beings is a way to win the competition.

How can we stop torture?

Step 1. take pants off (male, female) Step 2. Female give blowjob Step 3. lick vag. step 4. insert penis in vag step 5. repete process

Who is torturing the ghost?

Me, I am torturing the Ghost. Mwahahaha....ha the ghost doesn't like when you breathe so try not doing it every now and again. also the ghost doesn't like spoons.

Can farting be torture?

yes it can be but hardly ever. Sometimes people find farting funny and do it to make people annoyed(if they dont like it) and therefore it can be torture. but people cant help it sometimes if they have eaten something bad!

Why is torture a problem?

Because it's not fair for someone to go through complete agony inorder to get information forced out of them. Torturing is inhumaneand nasty in my eyes.