What continent is Hungary?

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Hungary is located in Europe.

Hungary is a landlocked (meaning it has no access to oceans) country in eastern Europe.

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Hungary is in Eastern Europe.


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Hungary is in Europe. It is located in the center of the continent.
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Where is Hungary?

Hungary is in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia.

Who is the President of Hungary?

János Áder is the President of Hungary. He officially became President on 2012 May 10 after being elected as President of Hungary on 2012 May 2. Laszlo Solyom

Are you Hungary?

yes i am Hungary Hungary is the name of a country where i live. What is the question? :D are you hungry? Are you from Hungary? Very Hungary. Go make me some Tu

How did Hungary get the name Hungary?

Magyarország (The Hungarian name for their country) is derived from the Magyar tribe that settled in Hungary. The Magyar tribe was one of the many tribes united under the H

Was Hungary communist?

Hungary was communist after the Allies reigned victorious over Germany. The Russians established USSR, which then converted all the newly joined countries to communist. Hungar
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What continent is Austria Hungary in?

The country of Austria-Hungary divided into the individual countries Austria and Hungary after WW1 but it was located in Europe.
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Why am i Hungary?

Because you are a Land Locked Eastern European Country, capital Budapest.