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What conversion factor would convert between liters and milliliters?

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one liter is 1000 milliliters so to get from liters to milliliters just multiply with 1000 and to get from milliliters to liters just divide by 1000 (or multiply by 0.001).

The whole system is in fact fairly easy:
you just need to know the meaning of the following prefixes:

dezi: 1/10
centi: 1/100
milli: 1/1000
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What conversion factor would you use to convert between liters and millimeters?

1000 * * * * * No! A litre is a measure of volume, whereas millimetre is a measure of length. The two measure different things and, according to the basic principles of dimen

Why would you to convert milliliters to liters?

if you have large numbers. you dont have to constantly write an extra 000 after every figure