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What could a Rash on stomach in circle shape?

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ring worm
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What is a rash in the shape of a circle on your skin?

Sounds like it could be ring worm. I'd have it checked by a doctor to know for sure. It could just be an irritation that happens to be in a circle.   It is probably a ring

What is a rash in the shape of circles some small and some bigger on the inside of the thigh and how do you treat it?

In a majority of cases, rashes in the shape of circles of varying size are symptoms of ringworm. These circles are typically a light to dark pink, occasionally a darker red. A

What could be the cause of a hive-like rash on stomach chest and back that doesn't itch?

I went to the doctors for the same thing. Its called pityriasis rosea and the spots are oval shaped pink spots on the trunk that don't go past the neckline and generally are p

What could explain a rash on your stomach?

Stomach rash Honestly, a lot of things could explain a rash. It would be helpful to know more about it, but here are some possibilities: 1) Allergic reaction - usually a gene

What could cause a rash on your stomach from your waist up as well as on your arms but not on your face?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMAYBE ALLERGIE TO THE METAL PART OF YOUR BELT\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be hives. I took a medication that I didn't know I was allerg

What could cause skin irritation or rash on the stomach?

There are various conditions where you could get a rash on your stomach, but the most common is contact dermatitis. Many people are slightly allergic to the metal that is foun

Rash upper inner thighs circle shape?

  It sounds like it could be ring worm, which will require an anti fungal cream to get rid of it. Also try to keep the inner thighs as sweat free as possible.