What could be causing your electric garage doors to stop closing?

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A short, or potentially an interference in the frequency, try resetting your remote. You may also replace the batteries in the remote.

If this doesn't help, see if you need to clean or adjust the safety sensors. Sometimes when there's too much dirt or one is misaligned it could cause the door to stop in its tracks, however it should also reverse so I think it is most likely the first problem.

An odd problem we had was that the receiver had aged and was able to pick up the signal from a neighbor, so the door would seemingly go up and down at random. In reality, if they drove down the middle of the road, their signal would also make our door respond.
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What could cause a strong static electric shock every time you close your car door?

Answer . This is most likely due to Electrostatic Charge. That being said, you generate static either by friction (sliding) or by clothing. Very dry cloth (nylon, silks, ray

Why does a garage door opener with or without the door hooked open only a foot or two and then stop and does the same if the door is open and you try to close it?

Answer 1 I am not a garage door opener technician, only a user for many years. The following answer is based on my experience, and hopefully will be replaced or improved by

Why does a garage door remote open but not close the garage door?

If the Garage Door can be closed with the wired wall switchand not the wireless transmitter then the problem has to do withthe safety sensor circuit. It could be as simple a

WHY My garage door opens but does not close?

Check your safety sensors. Most likely they are out of balance. You should have a steady burning light on them. If not, slowly move them to the direction of the other safety s

Why only in winter will your garage door stop and go back up at the electric eye but will close OK if slight hand pressure is used to help it down?

It sounds like the down presure adjustment needs to be increased a little. In the colder months the rubber seals on the door will become rigid and compress harder. On most mod

Why Garage door opener not closing?

If you have a garage door that opens and closes electronically, then check the side of your garage closest to the door for sensors that would be on both sides of the door. If

Why does your garage door keep opening and closing?

mine did that sometimes and i found out that my house was in line with a flight path to an airport 30 miles away that was used once in awhile. changed the codes in my remote a

Why does garage door remote close but not open garage door?

you may have a broken spring release the door from the opener if it feels the lest bit heavy chances are that's whats wrong. Or you need to give it some lubrication or somet

Why isn't my garage door closing?

check the sensors if the lights are not on reposition them till the light come on There can be lubrication problems as well. Or something might have stuck to door opener. Che
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Why does a garage door remote close but not open the garage door?

Pull the red handle to disconnect the opener from the door (While door is closed). Try to lift the door by hand, if it is heavy or not possible to open by hand you may need ne
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Where can one purchase electric garage doors?

There are several places where someone could purchase electric garage doors. Stores such as Lowes, Walmart, Sears, and Home Depot all sell electric garage doors.
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Where can one purchase an electric garage door?

One can purchase an electric garage door at several different home improvement sites including the following: Home Depot, Menards, Amazon (the online website), and Lowes.