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What could cause a sharp pain below your stomach on the left side of your body?

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If the pain is persistent or chronic, or varies in intensity and isn't just a fleeting pain (which could be gas), then you may have a problem in your colon (inflammation, ulcerated, or a spastic colon, or even severe constipation) .

If you are mid cycle and female, and the pain is lower left hand side of your abdomen, it may be pain sometimes felt when ovulating. This may also be felt lower right hand side when your ovulation takes place from the ovary positioned on the opposite side.

To be sure of the diagnosis, if any pain persists, then you should see your Doctor, telling him of any other symptoms that you have noticed since you have had this pain.

If the pain is severe or accompanied by vomiting or other distressing symptoms, as with any severe abdominal pain, you should go to an emergency Doctor or your Emergency Department.
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