What could cause you to miss your period if you are a virgin?

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Hormones and/or stress. Going through alot of stress can affect your period.
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What can cause a missed period?

Many things can have an effect on your period being delayed The following are some of the things (apart from being pregnant, of course) that can have an effect on your period being delayed: mental/physical stress; weight loss/gain; your contraception; infections; and invisible bleeding (which le (MORE)

Does an IUD cause you to miss your period?

It depends on the IUD. I was on Mirena and I missed several periods, I can't tell you about other makes. I have a IUD for thre and a half years. I havn't had a single period. It depends whether you get a hormonal or non-hormonal IUD. I have an IUD that is non hormonal, and just contains copper. T (MORE)

Could a low-carb diet cause you to miss a period?

I would say most likely not. You should take a pregnancy test if you have been sexually active anytime in the last month. any kind of sudden change in your diet can make your period stop. stress can also make it stop. the irony is stress over missing your period can actually make a delayed period s (MORE)

What could cause you to miss your period three months in a row if you are a virgin?

Answer If you are still a virgin and haven't had a guy come near your vagina, then you aren't pregnant. You may need to see a doctor, there could be other problems. I'v heard of a few people who didn't get their period and had to get a some medication to start it up again. I suggest going to your d (MORE)

Can clomid cause you to miss your period?

After extensive research on Clomid and after having used Clomid for 3 months, there is nothing out there that shows this as a side effect. However, Clomid should be used by women who are NOT ovulating. If you are already ovulating, save yourself the discomfort of the side effects and at the very lea (MORE)

Could a bladder infection cause a missed period?

No, a bladder infection won't cause a late or missed period. But antibiotics, which are usually given for a bladder infection, can cause the pill not be as effective. If you are late or missed a period you should see a doctor for a pregnancy test. Or take a home test. Anytime you are on antibiotics, (MORE)

Can Lexapro cause you to miss your period?

Answer . Yes. \n. \nLexapro has all kinds of horrible side effects including skipped periods, excessive weight gain, insomnia, etc. \n. \nRead more at: \n. \nhttp://www.drugs.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7826&whichpage=1\n. \n~T

What are some of the causes for missing your period?

Answer . Girls up to the age of 16 can miss periods and it's normal. Stress. Birth control. Cervical cancer. Infections. Pregnancy. . Answer . Can be so many things. Of course pregnancy, but also stress, new medications you may be taking, drop in weight/not having a certain amount of (MORE)

What are causes of a missed period?

Answer . Hello,\n. \nThere are a variety of causes for a missed period. Causes of a missed period are as follows:\n. \n . Pregnancy.\n . \n . Taking the Plan B pill.\n . \n . Missing Birth Control Pills.\n . \n . Recently starting Birth Control Pills.\n . \n . Irregular Periods.\n (MORE)

What could cause me to miss my period the past two months?

There could be several different causes for missing a period. The first, and most obvious reason is pregnancy. Although, you can miss a period and not be pregnant. Other causes could be a hormonal imbalance (thyroid), stress, excessive weight gain/loss, problems with ovaries (syst, tumors..although (MORE)

What are causes of missing a period?

Answer . Can be so many things. Of course pregnancy, but also stress, new medications you may be taking, drop in weight/not having a certain amount of body fat, certain types of birth control pills(especially if you change brands, missed a pill, etc)., illness. . . I know there are more. If yo (MORE)

Can a concussion cause you to miss a period?

I'd really like to know the answer to this as well...the same thing happened to me. I got dropped on my head pretty hard about 4 weeks ago and suffered an intense concussion (no bleeding or cracks in the head, though). I'm two and a half weeks late on my period, taken 6 EPT tests which were ALL nega (MORE)

Can Wellbutrin cause you to miss your period?

I just started welbutrin early october. I was weening off of sertraline. I had a period on october 9th which lasted two days and was very light. I was already late so I thought and had taken a pregnancy test the day before I got it. So this month I've been very nauseas and tired and irritated. I hav (MORE)

Can HPV cause a missed period?

No, your period will come normally. I was pregnant when i found out i have HPV but was told it will notmess up your period. Genital warts and cervical cancer are the onlyproblems hpv could cause and both are rare. Two of my older sistershave had HPV. One had hers frozen and the other had it removed (MORE)

What are the common causes of a missed period?

The common causes of missed menstrual periods include: 1. Having an irregular cycle. This is common in girls first starting their periods. 2. Being pregnant. 3. Being in perimenopause. That is the 1-3 years before full menopause. 4. Starvation and eating disorders. 5. Severe stress.

What cause a female to miss a period?

A woman can miss periods for several reason (stress, illness,starvation, etc.) but pregnancy is also a common reason. If you areworried you may be pregnant get a home pregnancy test at thedrugstore.

Can stress cause missed period?

Yep. In fact sometimes if your really stressed about if your pregnant the stress can make you miss and make you even more stressed.

Could you miss a period and not be pregnant?

Yes you can. Teenage girls frequently do--missing a period is not a sure sign of pregnancy but when coupled with morning sickness and sore/growing breasts it is a more definitive sign. Missing a second one coupled with the other symptoms is almost a certain sign of pregnancy.

What causes a girl to miss her period?

f it's not your first it can be due to stress, weight gain or loss, hard exercise, pregnancy or just skip a month which is also natural. If you are very young it also takes about 2 years to become regular.

Can cipro cause a missed period?

My period is 10days late and I also took Cipro for 10 days. I tested pregnancy and it was negative, so only thing different was my urinal infection and taking cipro.

You missed your period could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative and your next period is abnormal, missing or late then you should go and see the doctor or gynaecologist to get checked out.

Can Lexapro cause a missed period?

Many anti-depressants have a side effect of delayed or missedperiods. With Lexapro, this side effect is not one of the morecommon ones, but it is a possible one. Likewise, withdrawing frinLexapro may also result in a missed period. If you miss a period onLexapro, you should first test to see if you (MORE)

What could a missed period mean?

It could mean that you're pregnant and if you're not it's probably late It can be how your body is maybe your weight. Also it can be stressI or your hormones. It could mean that you're pregnant and if you're not it's probably late It can be how your body is maybe your weight. Also it can be str (MORE)

What if a girl misses her period and is still a virgin?

There are several causes for a missed period. Stress seems to be one of the bigger ones. Another could be an infection, and sometimes it just happens with no apparant cause. If it persists or you have pain you should definitely talk to your doctor.

What else could cause a missed period?

A missed period could be caused by excess stress, sudden weight loss or rapid weight gain, medications you may have started or stopped taking recently, if you have worked out more than usual recently, pregnancy, and - more serious, though MUCH less common - certain diseases or STDs.

What causes missing periods?

Being pregnant is the most common, but in when you first have your period it can be irregular because your body is trying to get in a regular pattern of releasing eggs. Lack of food or being sick can also sometimes cause missing periods.

What are the causes for a missed period?

I Guess It Depends On Somethings.. If Your Sexually Active, Then You May Be Pregnant.. It Could Happen If You Under A Lot Of Stress.. You May Want To Go See Your Doctor On That One. That Would Probably Be The Best Way To Know Why Your Missing Periods.

Can the IUD cause a missed period?

can you miss your period on IUD if so do u suppose to miss almost 2month goin on 3months just about i had a period in June and am on da IUD for about a year now since i had it i will get my period and it will skip a hold month and come on da next month now i did had in June and miss July august and (MORE)

Can NuvaRing cause a missed period?

Like any hormonal birth control method, Nuva Ring is likely to cause lighter flow and shorter periods than you had before you started on it. In the first three months, you may have irregular spotting or bleeding. It's less common on Nuva Ring than on the pill, but it can occur. After the three month (MORE)

What could cause you to miss you period for three months in a row?

I have had this and tested negative for pregnancy (I knew it was very unlikely I would be pregnant anyway as my fiance had a vasectomy years ago although I do know that miracles can happen so I wanted to rule it out before visiting my doctor) so I went to the doctor and I'm currently to undergo bloo (MORE)

Im 14 and ive missed 2 periods im a virgin could it be stress?

I wouldn't panic to much, just enjoy your life and carry on as normal. Because your 14 your period pattern probabely hasn't settled, a similar thing happened to me, if it goes to long without having one then maybe try seeing a doctor, keeping calm will be the best thing to do :)

I am 13 and a virgin but i missed missed my period?

Thank you for putting the full information needed to answer this correctly right up front! It generally takes several years for menstruation to become "regular" - also most young teens have periods closer to every 40 days than every 28 days. Missing a period is very common. Being stressed out by (MORE)

Can paragard cause a missed period?

Paragard does not cause missed periods. If you miss a period on Paragard you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. No, it's not mormal.I read that if it's late you should see your healthcare provider because you might be pregnant.

When missed period could occur?

This can happen for many reasons. These include pregnancy, stress (and anything else that causes hormonal changes), infections, or none of the above. You generally have to see your doctor/gynecologist to find the specific cause.

Is it normal for a virgin to miss two periods?

Yes, it can be. If you are under stress this can cause missed periods. If you have been sick, on a diet, all of these things can cause missed periods. If you are young and just starting your periods it is common to skip months or to have irregular period. It takes a year or two before a cycle become (MORE)

Could your thyroid cause you to miss a period?

Having a thyroid condition can affect a woman's menstrual cycle. The thyroid autoimmune conditions Graves' disease and Hashitmoto's thyroiditis can also affect one's menstrual cycle. For those with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism, the result can be heavy and/or irregular menstrual cycles. For those w (MORE)