What could you infer about an animal from fossil or jaw bone?

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From the fossil or jaw bone of the animal, you can determine it's approximate age. You can also distinguish the species of the animal, its habitat, and significant injuries. Another thing you can find out is its preferred diet. Some animals are herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. If it's a carnivore or omnivore, you can also find out if it was a scavenger or a hunter. The jaw can also tell you the size of possible prey that the animal caught and ate. Some animals have large strong jaws made for snapping. Others have jaws that can move side to side for grinding food. Still others have double hinged jaws that allow them to open their jaw really really wide and eat gigantic prey.
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Do fossils contain animal bones?

No, normally all traces of the bone are gone, leaving only theimpression of where the bone was. This impression may be verydetailed.

How do fossil bones of an animal help scientists learn about the animal?

Scientists can learn from a fossil of animal by its age, diet, and physical characteristics, depending on the condition of the fossil. For example, scientists would not be abl
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How does an animal bone become a fossil?

An animal bone becomes a fossil when it dies,just like the dinosaurs. Although, animals these days are not consitered fossils (yet). Fossils are really old bones, so animal bo