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What countries are on the South Asian sub-continent?

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There is more than one definition describing South or Southern Asia. According to the United Nations, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the only South Asian countries. However, the Maldives, Tibet, and the British Indian Ocean Territory (while not all countries) are widely considered to be a part of the South Asian region.

The word "sub-continent" does alter things, though. The United States Department of State has had a definition of the Indian (or South Asian) subcontinent since the year 1959. They identify the subcontinent as including the nations of Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only. This also seems culturally accurate, as Bangladesh and Burma could be included in Southeast Asia, while Iran would be accepted as part of the Middle East.
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Is South Africa an Asian country?

No. South Africa is in the continent of Africa.

Is Europe a south Asian country?

No,human geographers say Europe and Asia are separate CONTINENTS,not countries...physical geographers say that Europe and Asia are separate continents.

What are the currency of South Asian countries?

Brunei - Brunei dollar Cambodia - Cambodian riel Indonesia - Indonesian rupiah Laos - Lao kip Malaysia - Malaysian ringgit Myanmar - Burmese kyat Philippines - Philippin