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What country's major religion is Islam and Lake Nasser is found in its southeastern quadrant?

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Arab Republic of Egypt
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Where is Lake Nasser?

Lake Nasser is a man-made lake in south eastern Egypt. It was created when the Aswan High Dam was built on the Nile River. About 17% of the lake is in Sudan and they call t

What are the six major religions in Islam?

There are NO major religions in Islam if what your asking is DO the other religions originate from Islam then yes they do Judaism and Christianity And Only ALLAH Knows

Who are the major prophets of islamic religion?

All God prophets called their people to Islam. That means full submission to God with no partner, no associate, no companion, and no equivalence. Accordingly, the prophets are

What are the major divisions of Islamic religion?

of course we have in the religion of islam the majority as sunnis and minority as shiah . Most religions believe that Sunnis and Shiites exist. They just disagree with the r

What country's major religion is Islam and is found in its southeastern quadrant?

Twelver shia Muslims live in many countries. Iran is the main Shia county and the leader of Shia Islam in world. Twelver Shia Islam constitute the majority of the population i

What civilization had Islam as its major religion?

Numerous empires such as the various Caliphates (Umayyad, Abbassid,  Buyid, Idrissid, Fatimid, Samanid, Safavid, etc.) and modern States  around the world have Islam as thei