What country is North East of Cambodia?

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Northeast would be the former North Vietnam. N/W would be Thailand.
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What country is north of the equator and east of greenwich?

The entire continent of Asia suits your criteria, as do most of Europe and most of Africa. There are many scenic and fascinating nations to choose from. A few examples are: In Europe: Germany, Italy, Hungary. In Africa: Niger, Chad, Cameroon In Asia: Turkey, Israel, Russia, China, Japan. (MORE)

Which countries border France to the north and east?

France has neighboring countries on all borders except the western one which borders the Atlantic Ocean. To the north there is Belgium and Luxembourg. On the eastern border of France there is Germany, Switzerland, Italy and yes Monaco.

What country is 60 degrees north 110 degrees east?

Russia is 60 degrees north and 110 degrees east. I checked on my world map. There is a slight chance I am wrong, because I am just a fourth grader. === The kid is good! Dead-center in Siberia, right midway between Krasnoyarsk and Yakutsk, and about 750 miles north of the Mongolian borde (MORE)

What country is 33 degrees north 63 degrees east?

A set of coordinates defines a single point, so it's not possible for a whole country to be there. Those coordinates describe a single point in Afghanistan, about 104 miles southeast of Herat and 185 miles northwest of Kandahr.

Which country is 10 degrees north and 10 degrees east?

A set of coordinates describes one point, so it's not possible for a whole country to be there. That particular point is in central Nigeria, about 24 miles southeast of Bauchi, and 200 miles east-northeast of the capital at Abuja.

What country is 43 degrees north and 18 degrees east?

A set of latitude/longitude coordinates describes the location of a single point on the Earth's surface, so it's not really possible for a whole country to be right there. That particular point is located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 60 miles south-southwest of the center of Sara (MORE)

What countries are its neighbors to the west east north and south of the US?

East and West are oceans... going east, the closest "neighbor" would probably be the United Kingdom, via their territorial possession of Bermuda. The closest one to the west would be Russia, if you take into account the US state of Alaska.. physical land possessed by Russia and the United States exi (MORE)