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What country is the fifth largest country?

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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with its 8.511.965 km2
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The 10 largest countries?

The ten largest countries by population:China, 1,340,780,000 peopleIndia, 1,190,550,000 peopleUnited States, 310,765,000 peopleIndonesia, 237,556,363 peopleBrazil, 185,712,713

What country is largest?

In terms of area then the largest country is Russia at 17M km2 followed by Canada at just under 10M km2    In terms of population China is the largest with 1.3bn people

What is the largest country?

The largest country in the world by land mass is Russia with  an area of 17,075,200 sq km. However, the largest country by  population is China with an estimated 1,340,550,0

What is the fifth-largest country in the world?

Brazil is the fifth largest country by area and also by population : 8,514,877 Sq. KM. and 192,228,000 people. Brazil, by both population and area.