What crafts were made AND traded at missions?

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Pots, clay ones,jewelry, rugs,
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Which mission did Mission Santa Barbara trade with?

Santa Barbara, like San Diego and Monterey, was listed on theSpanish maps of California long before the arrival of theFranciscans. It had been so named by Sebastian Vizcaí

What is trade mission?

Coordinated overseas visit by a group of businessexecutives to meet potential buyer or agents ,usually after an initial market research by a chamber ofcommerce, in

What were the Aztec's crafts that the pochtecas traded with?

Some of the items that were traded were gold ornaments, brightly colored woven cloth and salt harvested from the lake bed. They were traded for other luxury items, such as tro

What is a a trade or craft?

Best way of answering this question is to show you some beautiful crafts that come from Damascus, Syria. From jewelry to glassware to silk brocade to wooden crafts. These are

How is a hover craft made?

Many different ways but basically a large fan blows air into a skirt, so you have a cushion like bag underneath, as the air fills the bag it lift the craft up, then another fa

When was mine craft made?

Minecraft is currently in the process of development. It has not officially "been made". It is constantly being made.

What crafts can be be made with die cutting?

Die cutting is a specific type of crafting which cuts different materials into different shapes. Die cutting can make pieces from metal, wood, plastic, or fabric. These shapes
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Who made Craft fighter?

Craft Fighter is a fighting game made with CraftStudio. It is set in the Minecraft universe. A link to their site is listed below.
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How are craft rubber stamps made?

First, an image is engraved, molded, or laser engraved onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is then mounted to a more stable object like a block of wood or acrylic. Foam backing
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What is a trade mission?

A trade mission is when public officials and business owners from aparticular government such as federal, or state/province visit aforeign country in order to determine if a m