What crops are grow in Sardinia?

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Oranges, wheat, lemons, pomegranite, asparagus, peaches, artichokes, myrtle, grapes, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, flax and cotton.
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What crops did they grow?

Maize (corn), beans, chili peppers, some species of squash and tomatoes were some of the crops grown in Mexico before contact with Europeans was established.

What crops do Michigan grow?

Michigan grows the most apples, sweet cherries, and sour cherries. These crops are also know to be the best.

How do crops grow?

To grow crops you need sun and water over time the crops will grow. Don't give the crops too much water or sunlight or it will overflow.....

What crops did the Chinook indians grow?

Chinook men were fishermen and hunters; women collected clams, herbs, wild roots and fruits. No crops of any kind were grown by any of the Chinook tribes, since there were a w

What crops do Lithuania grow?

Grain is grown in Lithuania, for hay and silage. They grow grain very early in order to smother the production of weeds. Maize is also grown for silage production on some prog

Why do they grow crops?

People grow crops either to earn money or to eat. People grow cotton to sell and potatos to eat.

Do crops grow on crops?

No. Some crops can grow IN crops, such as with the use of nurse crops, or purposely mixing two different types of crops (like barley with oats) in one field, mainly for the pu