What custom does he wears his heart on his sleeve come from?

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What is the sleeve Allen Iverson wears on his arm?

He wears it, because of his gang tats he has to cover up due to league policy. What he wears is called a shooting sleeve, they are made to warm your arm and prevent injury while playing, and also it is supposed to improve shooting form, but some people say they are just for show and not helpful at (MORE)

Why does Carmelo Anthony wear a sleeve on his arm?

The actual reason why Carmelo wears an arm sleve is not because of him wanting to be like LeBron. It is because Carmelo has a tatoo some how rperesenting The street gang known as "The Crips", which the NBA diss-allows NBA players to reveal.

What is the Sybolisom of wearing your heart on your sleeve?

Answer . 'Wearing your heart on your sleeves' means instead of keeping a secret heart (loving one or others without communication) the person shows and communicates verbally to those around them how much they love and respect others thus, 'wearing your heart on your sleeve.'

Which sleeve do you wear the American flag?

My husband is a Marine. Put the American flag on your right sleeve.The flag should always be viewed by others from the left. Just lookat any uniform and you will see this is so. This is actually incorrect, the marines may do it differently fromthe rest of the United States, however, the Stars shoul (MORE)

He wears his heart on his sleeve?

It is an idiom, first used by William Shakespeare in Othello : "But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at: I am not what I am. " (Act I, Scene I, said by Iago)

Where can you find the arm sleeve that Kobe wears?

Custom Sports Sleeves. They sell custom made arm sleeves, and youth and adult sizes to ensure a tight and comfortable nonslip fit. They also offer lots of colors! These sleeves are quality products and cheaper than other "big name" brands. Also, all Custom Sports Sleeves' products are made in the US (MORE)

Where did the saying he wears his heart on his sleeve come from?

I think the phrase is commonly attributed to Shakespeare from his play Othello , in a line spoken by Iago: "I will wear my heart upon my sleeve" [1.1.65]. Of course, Iago's intent was to deceive Othello, but still... Shakespeare, however, may have gotten it from his knowledge of Middle Ages hi (MORE)

Do power forwards wear shooting sleeves?

I believe they can if they are more of a perimeter shooting type of a power forward, for example I wouldn't be surprised if a power forward like Dirk Nowitzki type wears one.

What does it mean to have yout heart on your sleeve?

Basically that your emotions are very apparent and visible. People who wear their heart on their sleeve express their emotions freely and openly, for all to see. An emotional person who feels, talks, and acts upon what they feel more so than what they think. These people are usually kind to their ow (MORE)

What is the meaning of the phrase He wears his heart on his sleeve?

It means that he is open and obvious about his emotions, especially if they regard the object of his desire. It can be said of men or women. Such a person is always making an appeal to emotion of some kind. It generally means that the person's emotions are very readable. They are more likely to be h (MORE)

Why do NBA players wear shooting sleeves?

to keep their arm from flaring up also to keep the muscles tight so they dont get a cramp because if they put it on their shooting arm that arm wont be loose enough to find his/her shot

Why do basketball players wear sleeves?

Basketball players wear sleeves on the arm they shoot with so it stays warm. In addition it is an extension of the wrist sweat bands from the old days, keeping the sweat from running down their arm and onto their shooting hand. Keeping their shooting hand dry is important for feel on the ball when p (MORE)

Why does Imelda Marcos wear butterfly sleeves?

the former first lady imelda romualdez marcos, is a mirror of Phillipine culture...aside from her beauty and status in the society,she is well know to popularize the Filipiniana terno,with those puffed sleeves...it was her signature look at every banquets,official visits,state gatherings and the lik (MORE)

Where did the saying wearing your religion on your sleeve come from?

I always thought it derived from the fact that the Jewish leaders (Pharisees) had markings on the sleeves of their frocks, denoting their service (rather like the U.S. Army has "hash-marks"). They took great pride in the number of years, etc. without really understanding that service to God does not (MORE)

Which Shakespearean actor comments you will wear your heart on your sleeve?

It is a common expression, and means to let your emotions be on show to others. Many people have used such an expression, doubtless including many Shakespearean actors. Although the concept and phrase may have ancient origins, it was William Shakespeare who seems to have been the first person (MORE)

Debate on you wear your personality on your sleeve?

We all express ourselves with our clothing, but most of us are unconscious of it. Baggy pants around the knees and hoodies say " I expect to be a jailbird when I grow up," while the baseball cap worn backwards says " I am a clown but I don't know it." Men who wear ordinary black shoes with a dinner (MORE)

You wear your personality on your sleeves?

\nWhat we choose to wear reveals a great deal about us, perhaps most of it unconscious. When we are not in uniform, we tend to dress as the person our inner child hopes or expects us to grow up to be. Thus wearing prison-style garb suggests having low career expectations in more ways than one, whil (MORE)

Why do cowboys wear long sleeved shirts?

they are constantly in the sun, so they wear long sleeves so they don't get sunburned. Let me add a bit to this one We wear long sleeved shirts year round because believe it or not they will keep you cooler it does stop sunburn but that's not the problem when you sweat your shirt will become damp (MORE)

Why do goalies wear long sleeves?

They don't have to, Iker Casillas (Real Madrid goalie) at times doesn't. Since goalies sweat as well, when having to stop incoming balls they probably don't want the ball slip by their arms do to the sweat. That's my idea just by taking a second to think about it. Hope this helps.

How do you wear a shooting sleeve?

you put the shooting sleeve on whatever arm you shoot with, if you are a righty put it on your right hand if your a lefty put it on your eft hand. the wide end goes up by your shoulder and the thin side goes by your wrist.

Where does the saying He wears his heart on his sleeve come from?

Knights from the middle ages would wear the colors that corresponded with the ladies that they loved. It was a way of showing their love to them while in battle. This phrase originally came from a Shakespeare play called Othello. "But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve. For daws to peck at. I am (MORE)

Is it a bad thing to wear your heart on your sleeve?

Not exactly. But you need to be careful, because people can be terrible and take advantage of people that appear 'weak'. People who do that are weak themselves. There are emotions one should keep to themselves though.. Like constant random outbursts of emotions in public are kindof ridiculous.

Unfold your paper heart and wear it on your sleeve?

When he says "wear your heart on your sleeve" he's saying that they would show their emotions more and not conceal their feelings. When he says paper heart he's saying that their heart is very frail like paper

Why do people wear long sleeves in the summer?

Ugly arms, sun protection, hairy arms, scars, marks, blah blah blah. I would like to add; please don't ask them, "oh my god, aren't you hot!" they are wearing long sleeves for a REASON and whatever that may be, they certainly don't need to be reminded by you that an 80 degree day is hot! C'mon peopl (MORE)

What is up with the Sons of Anarchy wearing nylon jackets with 3 quarter length sleeves and reapers on the back to Ireland and where did that style come from as it seems pretty gay for outlaw bikers?

The jacket sleeves are actually zippered off in sections (sleeves zip off at shoulder and elbow) not just 3/4. This helps while riding from one climate area to another for for long rides where the climate may change. When in an MC it's a bad idea to wear colors when you are outside of your own area (MORE)

Do you wear your sleeve on your good hand?

it depends on which sport you play if it is American football then no do not wear it on your good arm because the friction is decreased and the football is more likely to slip

Do cd sleeves come in different colors?

"Absolutely! CD sleeves are available in a variety of colors, however the basic white sleeves are the most common and tend to be the most cost-efficient especially if you're doing mass production."

On what arm should I wear my shooting sleeve?

Really doesn't matter which arm you put your shooting sleeve on, although some basketball players like to put it on their right hand if they are right-handed, or thier left if they are left-handed. Try it with both and see.

Why are the umpires wearing MS and WH on their sleeves?

MS is for Marty Springstead and HW is for Harry Wedelstedt, who both recently passed away. Marty was an 24-year American League umpire and Harry was a legendary National League umpire, before they consolidated the umpires into one group.

When is it better to wear long sleeves?

It is better to wear long sleeves when it is cold enough outside that exposed skin would be uncomfortable with the temperature. Long sleeves are a matter of personal preference in temperature and style, but if the skin of your exposed arm while wearing a T-shirt is uncomfortable, you should probably (MORE)