What damage did the Haiti earthquake do to Haiti?

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It had destroyed a lot of houses. People became homeless so they lived in shelters. This damage cost around $14 billion is US money. This colossal damage has cost a lot lives.
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How much damage did the earthquake do in Haiti?

The damage caused by the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 has been estimated at about $14 billion. Over three million people were affected and up to two million left homele

What damage was done in the haiti earthquake?

Fires destroyed roads and many people died. Although Haiti was not a rich country it was still hit hard by the earthquake as many were left homeless as small villages 25 miles

Why did haiti earthquake cause so much damage?

I think so many died in the Haiti earthquake because the people of the country weren't very well equipped or fully prepared for such situations as natural disasters. Their bui

What towns and cities were damaged the most in the Haiti earthquake?

Leogane and Port au Prince were two of the most affected areas. In the city of Léogâne alone, it was estimated that 90% of the buildings were damaged. Around half of the