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What date is Thanksgiving in 2008 for the US?

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November 27, 2008. Fourth Thursday of November, which is usually the last Thursday of the month, but not always.
Below are Thanksgiving dates from other years:
  • Thursday, November 24, 2005
  • Thursday, November 23, 2006
  • Thursday, November 22, 2007
  • Thursday, November 27, 2008
  • Thursday, November 26, 2009
  • Thursday, November 25, 2010
  • Thursday, November 24, 2011
  • Thursday, November 22, 2012
  • Thursday, November 28, 2013
  • Thursday, November 27, 2014
Note that these dates of thanksgiving is in U.S.A only, where they differ in Canada and some other countries.

Thanksgiving is observed on the 4th Thursday of November. November 27th is the date for Thanksgiving Day in 2008 in the USA.
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What date is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. The exact date changes every year. A legendary Thanksgiving celebration was held in 1621

What dates can Thanksgiving fall on?

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November, so it can fall anywhere from November 22 nd -- 28 th . . 2009-26th 2010-25th 2011-24th 2012-22nd 2013-28th 2014-27th 2015-26th 2016-24th

What was the date Thanksgiving in 1992?

Thanksgiving in 1992 was on Thursday, November 26. Thanksgiving isalways the fourth Thursday in November. The following day in theUnited States is designated as Black Friday, the official start ofthe holiday shopping season.

What are the big Thanksgiving games 2008?

one word story. one word story is a game were everybody gets into a big circle. pick someone to begin. they will start with a word like once or happy . the next person will say a word that goes along with what the first person said like upon or thanksgiving. then this will go on and on tell some bod (MORE)

Date of thanksgiving this year?

October 8, 2012 (Canada); November 1, 2012 (Liberia); November 28, 2012 (Norfolk Island); November 22, 2012 (USA and Leiden, Netherlands)

What is the date of Thanksgiving in the US?

In the US, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November, so the actual date varies from year to year. In 2011, Thanksgiving is November 24. In 2012, Thanksgiving is November 22. Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. In 2011, the date is October 10. It is October (MORE)

What is the earliest date Thanksgiving can occur?

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November. Since sometimes there are five Thursdays in November, Thanksgiving may not be on the last Thursday of the month. The earliest date for Thanksgiving is November 22. The latest date for Thanksgiving is November 28.

What US President set the date for Thanksgiving?

Two Presidents actually: Lincoln in 1865 and later Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 through 1941, when it became set by law. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day as the final Thursday in November. This was followed by annual proclamations by other Presidents until 1939, wh (MORE)

Why does the date of Thanksgiving change but not the day?

Every year the day moves forward once. For example: If your birthday is on Monday the 18th July, next year it will be Tuesday. Thanksgiving will stay the same date but not the day. If thanksgiving is always on a certain day of a month, one year it may be the 17th and the next the 18th but will al (MORE)

What date will thanksgiving fall on in 3011?

You can work it out yourself - each date in the calendar repeats every 11 years. So - since the fourth Thursday in November this is the 24th - then the same date will be on the same day in 2022, 2033 & 2044. I'll leave you to do the rest !

How was the current date of Thanksgiving decided?

there is an ancient parable that explains the story. so basically one guy who was walking in the street said to another "i beg fr food" then there was something about the rich man refusing to do so and then he felt guilty and went out to look for the man to give him bread but instead he had died. th (MORE)

What date did Thanksgiving fall on in 2008?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In 2008 the Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday October 13th, and Thanksgiving in the United States was on November 27th.

What was the date of Thanksgiving in 1988?

In 1988, Thanksgiving occurred on November 24th. Thanksgivingalways occurs in the fourth Thursday of November in the UnitedStates. The website timeanddate.com is a great source for finding out whena certain date falls - past, present, and future. Use their"Calendar" feature on the main menu bar and (MORE)