What defines the legal term co guardians in wi?

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A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority and duty to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. In the case of co-guardians, the court would appoint two individuals as guardians. Co-guardians have equal authority and should be two people who share a common interest in the ward and can work together in the best interest of the ward. For example, grandparents of a child could be appointed co-guardians.
The courts the legal system guardians themselvs
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Define legal term without prejudice?

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How can you adopt a child when you are their legal guardian?

you become a child's legal guardian in cases for example if the parents can't look after their child for any reason they have appointed you! (1) if the child's parents have

What does the term legal guardian on behalf of mean?

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What is limited co guardian?

Not much info to go on but - - it sounds like there are two persons named as guardians over an individual. They are termed "co-guardians." However, while one of the guardians
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Can a legal guardian abandon a child?

Can they? Yes. Can they do it without being in violation of the state (or country if outside the USA) statute outlining what constitutes abandonment? No.
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Can there be co guardians for a minor child?

Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts. Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts. Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt
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