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A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority and duty to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. In the case of co-guardians, the court would appoint two individuals as guardians. Co-guardians have equal authority and should be two people who share a common interest in the ward and can work together in the best interest of the ward. For example, grandparents of a child could be appointed co-guardians.
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Does every adoption have to have an appointed legal guardian?

Answer . \nIn the US the parents relinquishing their parental rights and the adopting couple must be represented by legal counsel.\n. \nIf the court terminates parental rights or the minor child is orphaned he or she becomes a ward of the state and the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the child during custodial/guardianship procedures and other judiciary actions.\n. \nIn most states a GAL must be an attorney, in a few states it can be any non-related person that the court deems qualified to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child, such as a member of CASA.

Can a legal guardian of an incompetent person have the will changed?

Not unless there was some type of fraud or duress involved and the matter would need to be addressed by the court.

How old do you have to be to be a legal guardian of a child?

Any adult, 18 or older, can serve as a legal guardian for a child under 18

Can a legal guardian sign for a minor to get married?

Answer . That all depends on where you live. You will need to go to the county courthouse to find out for sure. Likely the minor will have to receive counseling before they allow them to get married.

What is the legal age for babysitting in WI?

There isn't a 'legal' age. It's pretty much whatever the parents want. That if, of course, if you are just watching kids for a family you know. However, if you want to get a job at a child care place, then it depends on the place itself.

What age can you choose your legal guardian?

Technically, in the law's eyes, it is said that once you hit the age of 15, unless there is a completely good reason as to why you cannot, you can have someone fight for you in court to see who can become your legal guardian. Of course, you'd have to state this to the judge, and therefore, you have to say that you need to talk to the judge. Anyhow, that's how it is. 15-17, that's when you can. Moreso for the people 16 or 17. But when you're 17, you can technically 'run away' from your home under certain circumstances in which I don't know too much about. Anyways, good luck!

Is your husband a legal guardian of your son?

Yes, in most states your husband is considered to be a legalguardian of your son along with yourself. This varies depending onhow the custody of the child is set up through the courts if therehas been a divorce.

What is the legal age to babysit in WI?

I don't think there is a legal babysitting age in WI. According to all the books i read it just matters if your ready, mature, and if you have taken the red cross babysitting course. Hope this helps

Is a step parent considered a legal guardian?

No. A step parent, or any other adult that does not have custody of a child is NOT a legal guardian unless a court has given this right to the step parent. This usually requires one of the biological parents to give up their rights or to been seen as unfit to be able to carry them out.

How can you get my grandma to be your legal guardian?

To become a person's legal guardian, one must get the currentparents or guardian to sign over custody. This can be done fairlyquickly at any courthouse.

How do you become the legal guardian of a minor living with you?

I think the first step would be to have an attorney file for legal guardianship of the minor. You will have to give a good reason as to why you want legal guardianship (for example, are the parents unfit?), or some other reason that is just as relevant. And depending on the child's age, and the reasons you are filing for guardianship, the judge may want the child to explain why he/she would prefer to live with you instead of the parents. Just keep in mind that the judge will render a decision based on what he feels is best for the child. So before you even go to court, make sure you have no 'blemishes' on your personal history. An attorney can help you to prepare a case to present to the judge which will portray you and your reasons for wanting legal guardianship of the minor in the best possible manner.

Define legal term without prejudice?

Without prejudice refers to closing a case without preventing it being brought again. A case is 'dismissed without prejudice' means that when the problems with the way it was brought the first time were fixed, they would be able to bring it to the court again. 'With Prejudice' would mean that the case could not be brought again.

Is a spouse considered a legal guardian?

A spouse can be a legal guardian in certain circumstances. If onespouse becomes disabled or incapable of taking care of their ownaffairs.

How can you adopt a child when you are their legal guardian?

you become a child's legal guardian in cases for example if the parents can't look after their child for any reason they have appointed you! (1) if the child's parents have died and they have left in their will that you will be the child's legal guardian (you have to approve this ) you could also be the child's emergency guardian until the will is read out this can change if you have started for example you have started having health matters since the will has been drawn up then this could come into question the child's welfare is very important . (2) when you want to adopt the child that's been in your care you will need to go throught the right channels what is considered is how you and the child get on are you giving the child the right upbringing remember the child's welfare always comes first you will stand a good chance seen as the child knows you and they will have come to love you like you were their own parent/s it would be very difficult to deny you from adopting any child that's legally in your care unless there are underlying issues in the household i am not a judge in a court you would be asked why you want to adopt the child and if for example if you don't already have children when you do have them how will that effect the child you want to adopt IE would you still love and care for this child as much as your own. a judge isn't always easy going but these issues do arise also if you are a single person and you suddenly meet a man/woman what affect would that have on the child would the child still come first? everything comes into question i am not questioning your abilities as a parent or legal guardian but you would have to prepare yourself for some questions like this hope this has answered your question

Why is a step parent a legal guardian?

A stepparent is not considered a legal guardian. In some cases they should be and can be granted legal guardianship by the courts, but they are not automatically a legal anything. Legal guardianship is a separate issue. Stepparents are considered legal strangers to their stepchildren.

What is the difference between a caregiver and a legal guardian?

A caregiver is someone who accepts and takes responsibility for the well being of any Individual. This may include patients, family members and partners. A guardian has legal power and control to make decisions for or as the individual. This power varies and may include any or all of the following: Financial, health care decisions, and estate and person.

What does the term legal guardian on behalf of mean?

A good resource on legal guardianship: http://www.expertlaw.com/library/estate_planning/guardianship.html . "A guardianship is a legal right given to a person to be responsible for the food, health care, housing, and other necessities of a person deemed fully or partially incapable of providing these necessities for himself or herself." "The guardian makes decisions about how the person lives, including their residence, health care, food, and social activity. The guardian is supposed to consider the wishes of the incapacitated person, as well as their previously established valued, when making these living decisions. The guardian is intended to monitor the legally incapacitated person, to make sure that the person lives in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment possible, with appropriate food, clothing, social opportunities, and medical care." .

How does a grandmother become a legal guardian?

If neither of the child's parents are able or willing to care for the child in a safe, loving environment, the grandmother can petition the court for custody of the child. You will need to retain an attorney, and you will also have to provide proof that the parent(s) are not either willing or able to care and provide for the child. You can also petition for the court to award child support to be paid to you by one or both parents if you do become the legal guardian of the child, as well as requesting that they maintain medical insurance on the child.

How old do you have to be to decide who your legal guardian is?

In general, you don't ever get to decide who your legal guardianis. You can make your wishes known to the court making thedetermination, and they should take them into account, but they'renot in any way constrained by them.

Define a domain and co domain?

A domain is your Internet address. co is the latest domain introduction and is a good alternative if your .com domain is not available

Age to be a legal guardian?

The legal guardian of a child in a case must be at least 35 years and must be a working person.

Who is a child's legal guardian?

The married parents, the parent with legal custody, or any other adult who has been appointed the legal guardian by virtue of a court order. In certain legal matters a parent may be required to be appointed a child's legal guardian in order to represent the child in matters of estate such as when a child inherits property or receives a monetary award.

What is limited co guardian?

Not much info to go on but - - it sounds like there are two persons named as guardians over an individual. They are termed "co-guardians." However, while one of the guardians is designated as the principal guardian and probably exercises full power over their ward, the the other has only certain limited powers over the ward, and thus is a "limited co-guardian."

How old can you be a Legal guardian?

A legal guardian must be an adult e.g. 18 in most countries. Anyone of any age can have a guardian appointed if reasons warrant.

Do you have a legal guardian after the age 18?

Age of Majority in Mississippi is 21. If an adult child has an incapacity limiting their ability to take care of their own affairs, than yes.

What is the Definition of legal guardian in Ontario?

The person with the legal right and responsibility to provide for the care of an international student. This includes the student's biological or adoptive parents.

What is the legal age to shop without a guardian?

i doubt there is a legal shopping age to shop without a guardian. it just depends on how your parents feel about it. but i mean a reasonable age is maybe 12 There are some countries that have a policy of "restricted sales" where it is illegal to purchase or attempt to purchase certain products unless they are of a a specific age.

Define Co-factors of a matrix?

In linear algebra, the cofactor (sometimes called adjunct)describes a particular construction that is useful for calculatingboth the determinant and inverse of square matrices. Specificallythe cofactor of the entry of a matrix, also known as the 'cofactorof that matrix', is the signed minor of that entry. Source: Boundless. "Cofactors, Minors, and Further Determinants."Boundless Algebra. Boundless, 06 Jul. 2016. Retrieved 27 Jul.

Can you be a legal guardian to someone without adopting them?

Certainly. For example, foster parents and grandparents are often given legal guardianship of a minor child by the courts if the parents are unable to care for the child.

Is it legal in WI to record a conversation?

There are 12 States in the U.S. That requires ALL parties involved in the conversation (All Party Consent) to be made aware that the conversation is being recorded. These States are: California Connecticut Delaware Florida Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Montana New Hampshire Pennsylvania Washington . The following 38 States require that at least ONE person (One Party Consent) involved in the conversation has given permission for the conversation to be recorded including the person doing the recording:. Alaska Arkansas Colorado District of Columbia Georgia Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming . This falls under the United States Code: Title 18.2511. As long as you actually take part in the conversation and are doing so in a State that allows "One Party Consent", it is quite legal to record the conversation without another paty in the conversation giving permission or even being told that they are being recorded. Hope that fully answers your question...

What is legal guardian ship?

As it addresses humans. you have legal possession over another human, regardless of age, by court order or notarized agreement. My oldest daugter is my legal guardian due to my health.

Do you need to be a legal guardian to get a DNA test?

Currently, there are no laws addressing this, however there is a move to create them to stop men paying child support checking to see if they are the father of the child.

Can you be legal guardian for medical purposes only?

I believe you are confusing a "guardianship" with a "power of attorney for medical affairs." If so... the answer would be yes, IF the patient voluntarily granted you that authority.

Can a person with a legal guardian revoke a POA?

A court appointment of a legal guardian extinguishes any power of attorney that was executed by the ward prior to the guardianship. Therefore a person with a legal guardian has been removed from their legal relationship with an attorney-in-fact and the power of attorney is no longer valid. The AIF should be notified of the guardianship and that they are no longer the AIF.

Do you have to be bonded to be a legal guardian in Florida?

No definition or expansion upon the term "guardian" is offered. . . SO . . . as a GENERAL statement, no. However some situations may require it, or demand you be bonded. You will have to be more specific in the wording of the question or you will have to check with the FLA authorities regarding the specific circumstances you are inquiring about.

How old do you have to be to pick your legal guardian in Virginia?

If you were old enough to pick your legal guardian, you wouldn't need a legal guardian.

Where can you get a copy of legal guardian documentation?

In whatever court the document is filed. It varies by state, but it is typically the county's probate court.

What defines a co-op?

A cooperative is a legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. Members often have a close association with the enterprise as producers ...

How does a legal guardian turn a child in to the state?

Unless there are severe problems they will not take the child. Most problems can be solved while the child is home. Contact a social worker.

Can a legal guardian abandon a child?

Can they? Yes. Can they do it without being in violation of the state (or country if outside the USA) statute outlining what constitutes abandonment? No.

Can there be co guardians for a minor child?

Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts. Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts. Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts. Yes, for example: grandparents or an aunt and uncle or two aunts.

Can your husband be a legal guardian?

Yes. Your husband can become another person's legal guardian if the guardianship is approved by the court.

If a child lives with the mother and she is not the legal guardian may the legal guardian take the child?

The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed. The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed. The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed. The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.

What are the requirements to become a legal guardian of a child?

Requirements vary by state (or country if outside of the USA). When asking for legal advice, it's always helpful to give your state or country of residence and that of the child when asking for legal advice.

Can you have two legal guardians for one person?

Yes because the guardians may be a couple, or friends. You can have no more than two per child. Hope this helps.

How do you change legal guardian of a 17yr old?

The person who wants to be appointed the guardian needs to petition the court. If there is already a guardian they should join in the petition, requesting a termination of their own appointment. If the child is under the custody of parents they should consent. The person who wants to be appointed the guardian needs to petition the court. If there is already a guardian they should join in the petition, requesting a termination of their own appointment. If the child is under the custody of parents they should consent. The person who wants to be appointed the guardian needs to petition the court. If there is already a guardian they should join in the petition, requesting a termination of their own appointment. If the child is under the custody of parents they should consent. The person who wants to be appointed the guardian needs to petition the court. If there is already a guardian they should join in the petition, requesting a termination of their own appointment. If the child is under the custody of parents they should consent.

How is a complex litigation defined in legal terms?

it is a specialized docket of cases. A judge will hear the case from beginning to end. For a litigation to become complex it will have to involve multiple parties, large amounts of money and contain complex legal issues.

Is a legal guardian always the legal parent?

Not necessarily as there are different situations that may meanthat a child does not live with either of their parents.

Can a grandparent become legal guardian for a grandchild?

There's no legal reason why not. You'd have to petition the courtto grant custody, it isn't "just automatic".

Can the girlfriend of a child's father be a legal guardian?

ONLY if she is married to the father ,and the father is in jail.then she may become the legal guardian ,if the biological mother is unfit or absent from the child life,