What describes Earth's gravity?

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Weight describes earth's gravity.
As objects get closer to Earth, the pull of Earth's gravity increase
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What planet's gravity is the same gravity as the Earth's?

Really none, there is no actual planet that has the exact same gravity, some can be close, like saying it Gforce was 2000, and another was 2000, but actually its like 2000.010

How do you describe gravity what does it do?

Gravity is the force that pulls things towards other objects. Like planets gravitational pull is from the core. The core of the planet pulls objects toward it but the ground p

Is the gravity on Saturn the same as Earth's gravity?

Although it is impossible to apply to "weights" because the solid surface of Saturn is deep inside its total mass, the gravitic attraction by Saturn's mass is 95 times as grea

How does the Sun's gravity compares with the Earth's gravity?

Gravity is a function of mass - the greater the mass, the greater the gravity. The sun's mass makes it's gravitational pull strong enough to keep 8 planets, some at distances

How does the Earth's gravity compare with the Sun's gravity?

Gravity is exactly the same, follows the same laws, and exhibits the same behavior on Earth, on the Sun, on all of the planets, and everywhere else in the universe that we

How does Pluto's gravity compare to earth's gravity?

Well, Pluto's so small, it basically isn't a planet(this was decided by a majority of what today's Astronomers voted). Though being the farthest planet away from the sun in ou