What describes each layer in the atmosphere?

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Each layer of the atmosphere, hmm.. the layer closest to the earth is the troposphere which ranges from 6-20 km. Airplanes fly near the top of it; The tip of Mount Everest reaches about halfway to the top of it. It is also where most weather phenomena occur; it also produces carbon dioxide for plants to feed on.
The Stratosphere which ranges to 20-50 km has the ozone layer at the top of it, you can see weather balloons flying in the middle of the stratosphere; the ozone protects us from UV rays.  
The Mesosphere. which ranges to 50-85 km, is where meteors and other cosmic space junk burn up before it hits the Earth's surface. Besides the troposphere this is the only layer of the atmosphere with a convection effect.  
The thermosphere, which ranges from 85-690 km. is where cosmic phenomena such as aurora borealis or the Northern Lights are seen. Through a microscope you can see space shuttles entering this part of the atmosphere. This layer protects us from rays more harmful than UV's x-rays, and cosmic waves.  
The Exosphere is the last layer of the atmosphere, which ranges from 690-10,000 km. You can see various types of satellites orbiting in this layer, this part of the atmosphere gives us no protection whatsoever. Hope this was helpful!
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What are the layers of the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is divided into five layers. It is thickest near the surface and thins out with height until it eventually merges with space. The layers from lowest to highest : - The Troposphere (up to 10 km) It's the atmosphere that surrounds us. On top of that comes... - The Stratosphere (10 (MORE)

Describe layers of the atmosphere?

The troposphere is the the layer of th atmostphere that lies next to earth's surface. The layer above the troposphere.The mesosphere is the middle layer of the atmosphere.The uppermost atmospheric layer is called the theremosphere.

What layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer?

It is in the lower stratosphere, from 6 to 25 miles above the ground (10 to 40 km). There is also ozone present in the lower troposphere, but the ozone layer in the stratosphere contains helpful ozone that blocks much of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. Without this layer, life on earth would be ver (MORE)

Describe each layer of the sun?

The core is the innermost layer of the sun. Fusion reactionsproduce energy. Outside of that is the Solar envelope, whichpressure on the core, maintaining the temperature. Then there arethe photosphere, where "sunlight" comes from, and the chromosphere,which is caused by the abundance of hydrogen. On (MORE)

What are the distinct features of each of th layer of the atmosphere?

The distinctive features of each of the atmospheric layers are as follows: Troposphere: This is the lowermost layer of the atmosphere and all weather changes, cloud formation, etc occur in this region of the atmosphere. It extends to roughly 8kms above the earth's surface. Stratosphere: It i (MORE)

What layer of atmosphere has two layers?

The thremosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that has two layers within it. The Thermosphere is the layer farthest from Earth's surface. The first layer of the thermosphere is the Ionosphere, and the second layer of the thermosphere is the exosphere

What is the layer in the atmosphere?

there are 6 layers troposphere(0to12km),stratosphere(12to50km),mesosphere(50to80km), thermoshere(above80km) which has 2 parts -ionoshere(80to400km) which is the inner one -exosheere(above400km)wich is the outer one

Name the layers of the atmosphere and the temperature for each?

Troposphere : average temperature range from 15°C to -55°C (60° to -67°F) (colder going up). Stratosphere : average temperature range of -55°C to -3°C (-67° to -27°F) (warmer going up). Mesosphere : average temperature range of -3°C to -100°C (-27° to -148°F)(co (MORE)

Name the four layers of a rainforest describe each layer?

The rain forest has 4 layers. They are the forest floor, the under story, the canopy and last there is the emergent layer. First is the forest floor which is on the bottom. The forest floor is 0 feet above the ground. Next there is the understory. The understory is 0 feet to 60 feet a (MORE)

Describe each layer of the earth?

the crust is the skin. it is the rigid outer layer. it is thickest under mountains and thinnest under oceans. the mantle has: lithosphere, mantle, athenosphere. the lithosphere is the top layer of the mantle i think it is solid, the mantle moves sluggishly, the athenosphere comes from the word Gr (MORE)

What is one significant characteristic of each layer of the atmosphere?

Thermosphere:The word thermosphere means "heat sphere," or "warm layer." The temperatur of the thermosphere may reach 2000 degrees C or more. . Mesosphere:The tempereature in the mesosphere drops to about -100 degrees C. . Stratosphere:The stratospher is still cold, but not so cold as the Mesosp (MORE)

Describe the three layers of the suns atmosphere?

The sun's atmosphere has three layers: the photosphere, thechromosphere, and the corona. The lowest region, the photosphere,is what we see as the surface of the sun. The chromospheresurrounds the photosphere. The corona is the final layer, extendingmillions of miles out from the others and being see (MORE)

Enumerate and describe the 5 layers of atmosphere?

The five layers are, in order from the surface, troposphere,stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and the exosphere. Weatheroccurs in the troposphere, jets fly in the stratosphere, meteorsburn up in the mesosphere, auroras occur in the thermosphere, andthe atmosphere merges into space in the exosp (MORE)

Name the three layers of the eye wall and describe the functions of each layer?

The eye contains three layers which are: the outer fibrous tunic, an intermediate vascular tunic, and an inner neural tunic (retina). The outer fibrous tunic function is to serve as the sclera and cornea. The cornea serves as a opening to the eye and helps with thefocus of light rays. The sclera pro (MORE)

Is the ozone layer a layer of the atmosphere?

No, it is a "sub-layer" mostly located within the stratosphere (app. 10-50 km above the Earth's surface), but exists in small quantities within all layers of the atmosphere. The Stratophere is the second-lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer is located there.

Why is the coldest layer of the atmosphere next to the hottest layer of the atmosphere?

The coldest layer of the atmosphere is in the Mesosphere. This is because temperatures are decreasing as the Mesosphere extends upward above the Stratosphere. The air is thinner because the air particles are further apart. The next layer, known as the Thermosphere is the hottest layer. The reason wh (MORE)

What are the Layers of the Atmosphere and What about them?

Sections Section 1 - What are the Layers of the Atmosphere? Section 2 - Troposphere Section 3 - Stratosphere Section 4 - Tropopause Section 5- Ozone Layer Section 5 - Mesosphere Section 6 - Thermosphere Section 7 - Exosphere Section 8 - Summary . What are the Layers (MORE)

What is one characteristic of each of the atmospheric layers?

The troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere in which Earth'sweather occurs. The stratosphere contains Earth's "good" ozone layer. The mesosphere protects Earth from being hit by most meteoroids. The thermosphere is Earth's outermost and hottest layer.